Well it wasn’t much of a surprise to me to hear that Casey Anthony was a no show for her daughter’s weekly vigil held by a group of supporters of the Anthony family hoping and praying that Caylee will be brought home safe.

Of course they claim that the family and the bounty hunter thought it was for her own safety that she didn’t attend. I just bet Casey loves this royalty treatment she is getting all over this. Cindy Anthony said her daughter wanted to visit with their supporters though. (Probably would have only been for all the attention they would have been giving her) I don’t see anyone concerned about her safety when she takes those 6 hours trips to visit with her attorney to discuss her case though.

Meanwhile the rain didn’t stop others. About 50 supporters gathered around during the rainstorm for songs, prayers and words of inspiration. Conveniently for the little brat they used a loud speaker so it is likely Casey could have heard it all from inside. In my thoughts I could picture Casey lying on her bed with her headphones on listening to music instead though, but then again that is only how I can imagine her.

Cindy Anthony made a statement publicly for the first time since Casey was released from jail. She said that a sense of calm has come over her since her daughter has been released from jail, “If you don’t have faith, you don’t have anything at all.” She said, “I can understand why my daughter is so calm. I can understand why she is so calm, because I am there with her. I am calm because I get it. I can’t do anything about it. She can’t do anything about it. I have to trust in God.”

Of course she would say that but she wouldn’t disclose to reporters anything that her daughter has told them since her release about Caylee’s disappearance but the spokesperson for the family told Fox35 that Casey has been providing her family and her attorney with lots of information.

OK now here is what I don’t understand. They say she is giving them information yet Leonard Padilla is now saying that he knows who has Caylee. Cfnews13 reports that Padilla said he thought having her out would lead to Caylee’s safe return.  But on Sunday night Padilla said he thinks Casey handed off Caylee to a friend, because she was trying to get away from her parents. He said he knows who has the girl and is giving them a deadline to turn her over before he goes after them. “They’ve got five days in which to bring her back and then we start actively pursuing our leads,” said Padilla.

Now let’s just say this theory is correct. WHY wait five days! How come they don’t tell the police and let them go get Caylee if this were the case. The orlandosentinel.com is reporting him as saying, “I think what she was trying to do was break away from her parents’ home.” He admitted this theory of his is just speculation and he hasn’t contacted law enforcement and is only basing his theory on what he has seen.

He thinks that since an Amber alert has not been issued for Caylee it would indicate that she wasn’t taken by a stranger. He stated that he doesn’t believe the story Casey gave about dropping Caylee off with the babysitter named Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez. He says he thinks that Casey left her in the care of friends, perhaps the boyfriend’s relatives or others while she was “in the process of re-establishing herself and her daughter.” I think this is a load of crap. If this was the case then why would Caylee be considered in so much danger that Casey would have to keep quiet about it.

Padilla says that Casey Anthony’s demeanor leads him to think that Caylee is safe. “She’s not concerned,” he told reporters. “You’ve seen her. Her demeanor is that of a parent who knows her child is safe.”

YEAH right! It is more like the demeanor of a mother that seems more relieved that she doesn’t have to worry about the care of a child anymore. Anyone that is a parent out here knows that if it were their child that had been missing for that long they would be anything but calm. Even the ones with the most faith would stop at nothing to find their child.

So if Casey did nothing wrong then why not tell the truth so they can go get little Caylee. I don’t care what her reasons are, if she gave her to someone to care for as Padilla is speculating here, why the secrecy? It isn’t against the law to let someone else watch your child as long as you do it responsibly. It is however to claim she has been kidnapped, then to lie to police saying you gave her to someone that doesn’t exist causing a nationwide outburst.

I have nightmares at night about Caylee. I dream all different things concerning this little girl. I have two grandsons and another grandchild on the way right now. I know if either of them disappeared, I would never give up looking. Come hell or high water I wouldn’t stop until I found them and I DO believe in God and prayers.

Caylee! My prayers are with you honey, where ever you are. I pray that you are well and safe so I can kick myself for my thoughts as of right now. I don’t like being wrong (in fact I tell my husband I am never wrong) but this time I pray to God I am and that Caylee is brought home alive and well.

Jan Barrett

Update: I just saw this report from upi.com. They say that Casey has already violated her curfew associated with her house arrest. Orange County Corrections Department spokesman Allen Moore told the newspaper Anthony was late arriving home Friday after a meeting with her attorney, Jose Baez, but was granted a one-time reprieve for the violation.

“We won’t be doing this again,” Moore said of the incident.

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