According to California Bounty Hunter, Leonard Padilla it seems that the Brat of The Year, Casey Anthony wasn’t always completely quiet. He is claiming that she made self-incriminating statements to one of his associates while she was at home under house arrest about her missing daughter. Caylee Anthony has been missing since mid June and wasn’t reported missing until a month later. Her mother, Casey Anthony is being held in the Orange County Jail for first degree murder without bail.

Padilla told CNN’s Nancy Grace that while one of his associates, Tracy McLaughlin was living with the Anthony’s after Padilla bailed Casey out of jail, Casey made some comments to her about the missing child. McLaughlin told the investigators that Casey was critical of other people looking for Caylee. When the subject came up Casey remarked “They haven’t even found the clothes she was wearing.”

Leonard Padilla says that statement has convinced him that Casey knows exactly where those clothes are and where her daughter is. Padilla says, “Everything’s a game to her. That statement, they haven’t even found the clothes yet, leads us to believe the clothing were somewhere but not in the proximity of the body.”

Padilla said the investigator that McLaughlin reported it to thought that Casey’s comment was ‘an important statement’ and so does he.

MyFox Orlando is reporting that Psychic detective Gale St. John has returned to Orlando to resume her search for Caylee. She is supposedly to be searching in a wooded area near Orlando International Airport.

St. John had gone to Orlando in August to help in the search for Caylee with her group which they call the “Body Hunters”. St. John said she searched several areas to try to find Caylee but failed. She has not said what brings her back to Orlando to search more but she is currently accepting any donations that can help pay for the expenses for the trip.

Cindy Smith was another psychic that tried helping in the search. She had told Orange County Sheriff’s investigators that she knew where Caylee was located at. She said in a vision she saw shoes covered with pink flowers and she claimed the little girl was close. When I read that the first thing I thought of was the Anthony’s back yard. I still think they should dig up that newly laid concrete back there. They might be surprised at what they find.

I guess we all will have to wait until the Anthony’s hold their press conference to find out what this so called evidence is that they have that Caylee is still alive. I don’t understand how they can do this if they want everyone to think that they truly are looking for Caylee. How can they withhold information from the authorities in order to be sure they dot their “I’s” and cross their “T’s” as they have said? It just doesn’t make any sense to me. How come they are wasting so much time waiting to give the public this information before going after Caylee IF they actually know where she is or that she is alive?

The way I see it is that this is just another way to get their faces back in the cameras. They know if they have a press conference that all the reporters will show up fighting to get a personal interview with them. I think it would just be so funny if no one showed up, wouldn’t they be upset? They don’t need to be on TV, they need to be out there spending the money that is being donated for the search for Caylee instead of trying to become today’s newest stars.

I hope when Caylee looks down at the Anthony’s that she doesn’t get weak in her tummy seeing how they are all using her disappearance to gain fame. She didn’t deserve this. She didn’t ask for this. God Bless you Caylee, at least you have the angels there with you now to protect you. America loves you honey.

Jan Barrett

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