A grand jury handed down a seven–count indictment yesterday against Casey Anthony, mother of the 2 year old Caylee Anthony that has been missing since mid-June. The indictment includes first degree murder, which is possibly punishable by death in the state of Florida if convicted, and aggravated child abuse in the disappearance of her daughter.

Casey is being held this time with no bail set because the count is considered a capital offense. She has been booked into the Orange County Jail.

The first degree murder charge states that between June 15 and June 16, 2008 Casey did from premeditated design, effect the death of Caylee Marie Anthony, according to State Attorney Lawson Lamar. Including in the indictment are counts of aggravated manslaughter and providing false information.

During the news conference Orange County Sheriff Kevin Beary specifically stated that even though the indictment came he is still making finding Caylee his primary objective. “Despite the charges filed against Ms. Anthony today, I want to remind everyone we have not achieved our primary objective in this investigation. We have not recovered little Caylee Anthony. We will continue to do everything we possibly can to recover Little Caylee,” said Beary. “The grand jury has concluded that little Caylee is deceased.”

Meanwhile Jose Baez, Casey Anthony’s attorney expresses his feelings about word of the grand jury proceedings being leaked. During his press conference, with Casey by his side, Baez blames the sheriff’s department and media for trying to smear his client. He claims that all the leaks in this case would cause any panel to think Casey is guilty without hearing all the facts and then he went on to say he thinks it is all politically motivated.

“I understand there is an election going on, and I understand that those days are numbered, and I understand that Casey Anthony is public enemy No. 1 and that the State Attorney’s Office and the sheriff’s department are under a great deal of pressure to close this case. I don’t think Lawson Lamar would and I certainly hope Lawson Lamar would not, utilize a missing child to keep his job,” said Baez. He did add that the truth about this case and his client’s innocence will all come out in time.

If that was the case then why make the public wait. If there was a so called truth then why let this charade go on? Hell why did they let it begin? If they know something that can prove Casey is innocent they should have told it at the beginning instead of holding back. I suppose Casey wanted to make sure her face was plastered all over the world so she would be famous no matter where she went. I know if it were my daughter missing I wouldn’t have been able to keep quiet for two seconds and I certainly would be working 24/7 with no sleep, no make-up, no tattoo’s, no partying and absolutely no sex trying to find her.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office also said that Casey didn’t turn herself in like Jose Baez said she would do if there was an indictment. Captain Angelo Nieves said that his deputies were following her after the indictment was handed down while she was in the vehicle with her mother. Cindy was videotaped cutting across two lanes of traffic as she was trying to lose a few television crews that were following them. Then she cut across a shopping center and drove through parking lots. Sky 6 caught Cindy jumping out of the vehicle on the road as she was shaking her finger at the driver of a television van as she was walking down the road. She got back in her vehicle and drove to a no fly zone near the airport. Cindy then pulled over under an overpass and Casey got out and got into a full size gray sport utility vehicle and it drove off. Undercover police stopped the SUV and arrested Casey on the spot. CNN’s Nancy Grace show revealed that the SUV belonged to Casey’s bail bondsman.

Jose Baez’s spokesman, Todd Black said that Casey left with her mother so they could spend some time together. Sheriff officials knew at all times where Casey was. Black said that the bondsman was taking Casey to jail. Larry Garrison, a spokesman for the Anthony family said in an email that Cindy Anthony was taking her daughter to meet with Baez for him to turn her in as agreed. Before they could arrive at the jail deputies stopped them and arrested Casey on the Beachline Expressway.

There are reports that an audio of the grand jury’s secret proceedings in this case was mistakenly sent outside the courtroom and to all media outlets plugged into the courthouse system.

“I don’t know what was listened to or what was heard until time that it was turned off,” Orange County Chief Judge Belven Perry said. “Everyone who may have heard needs to govern themselves accordingly.”

Perry stated that the court administration is to blame for this. He said it has nothing to do with the state attorney’s office.

When Baez was told about this he said, “This should have been a secret proceeding. There is so much that should not have been leaked and has. It is making a joke of the whole situation. It’s a sad day for justice.” He is going to be researching to find out whether or not the breach could impact the murder indictment.

Judge Perry warned anyone who heard anything that they should not reveal what they learned under threat of contempt of court. The state attornet’s office says that they do not think the breach will have any impact on the indictment .

Also on Nancy’s show Tim Miller was asked if the search for Caylee would resume now that her mother has been arrested and Tim told her he didn’t have any choice now. He said Caylee needs to be found and brought home, so yes he will begin the search again but he didn’t say when. He did say that this will be the largest search on record for them.

If Casey Anthony had any kind of feelings towards her daughter she would come clean and tell the truth now. Who cares if it is not in her best interest to talk now? If she is found guilty she may never see freedom again anyway, so why not do this for Caylee. Why worry about saving her own neck now?

Baez made a statement that literally made me sick to hear during his press conference. “Casey has been going through a nightmare. She has a missing child and she is also someone’s child. This family had to withstand something unlike anyone has ever seen. We just ask that everyone respect that and everyone understand what Casey Anthony is going through.” 

He said if the evidence is what it is supposed to be, it will withstand the rigors of cross examination. He actually warned the people not to jump to any conclusions. “I sincerely believe when we have finally spoken, everyone and I mean everyone will sit back and say, Now I understand and that explains it,” he said as he ended the news conference.

I know if she were my daughter that is what I would be telling her. It is time they put Caylee’s needs first instead of Casey’s. Casey is an adult that makes her own decisions. Caylee was only a 2 year old that had no choice in what happened to her life. It is time that Casey releases Caylee and lets her rest in peace by giving her the justice she deserves.

Caylee Anthony, I pray that soon you will get the justice you need to end this nightmare and you can go with the angels who will protect you forever now. The world loves you honey.

Jan Barrett

Update: Casey Anthony appeared in an Orange County Court before a judge this morning with her attorney, Jose Baez, wearing a  blue prison jumpsuit and didn’t say a word during the the less than a minute that she was there, only to nod as the charges were read to her and then she was led away. She will be arraigned in about 30 days.

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