Well today in court the new judge presiding over the murder of Caylee Anthony case made some happy, and I am sure disappointed others with his rulings. What can I say? Chief Judge Belvin Perry is a good man and he can see through what appears to be tricks by the defense team to get things done their way in this trial.

Casey Anthony is on trial for murdering her 2 year old daughter and the prosecution is going after the death penalty if she is found guilty. Today was the first time Casey has been seen to try and communicate with her parents in court. She actually made eye contact with her Mom and said “Happy Mother’s Day and I love you” according to Bob Kealing from WESH-Channel 2. Both George and Cindy Anthony were in court today but they arrived 30 minutes late. I wonder what could have possibly caused them to be that late for the daughter that they supposedly stand by saying she is innocent.

In court today Judge Perry ruled that jurors will be picked outside of Orlando and then brought back to Orange County for the trial. “The jury will be sequestered. They will be brought back to Orange County. They will be kept at an undisclosed location,” said Judge Perry. “I will be entering a gag order. I will be doing that at a sufficient time.” ( I sure hope Baez won’t tell George and Cindy where this is, because they would be the ones to leak it to the press and then guess who will be blamed for the leak. But of course this is only my opinion)

Even though the defense attorneys argued that the residents in the Orlando area had been tainted by negative media exposure. (Well duh! They have themselves and the Anthony clan to thank for that. As I recall they were always in front of the cameras) Judge Perry went on to say that once he chooses a location, he will let the attorneys in the case know and then he will seal the information until right before the trial.

The defense asked the courts to not allow the pictures of Casey partying around the time that Caylee disappeared. “The state and the defense, since you are required to exchange photos with each other, I’m going to give you til March 2011 to show the photos that you are intending to use. We shall have a hearing no later than the 31st of March to go over those photographs and hear other arguments you might have,” said Perry.

I am not quite sure why it would take them that long to decide on it but since they have to wait that long that will be that much longer that Casey will have to wait to find out if it will be able to be used against her. In my own opinion, I understand how they can say the partying photos have nothing to do with the case, because she was out there acting like she had no care in the world when her little girl had been missing.

Tomorrow they will be back in court for the death penalty phase motions. Now I wish someone could explain to us why that is necessary at this time since she hasn’t even been convicted yet. I am anxious to find out how the ruling on this goes.

The jig seems to be up for Jose Baez, I am sure that he has shared a few terse words with Cheney Mason , life was fine in the Baez camp until Cheney came along. Judge Strickland seemed to be prepared to cut Baez and his defense team a good deal of slack. Was it Cheney that suggested the removal of Judge Strickland? The timing certainly works well. In fact the removal of judge Strickland was one of the subjects in yesterdays BNN radio program.

Poor little Caylee needs her justice. I sure wish this would move on without all these petty motions and she can get what she deserves. May you rest in peace Caylee, we won’t ever forget you! God bless your soul.

Jan Barrett

Oh and I did forget one other thing… Jose Baez must be out of his mind. They had the nerve to file a motion to ask Judge Perry to have the first degree indictment thrown out of court according to the Orlando Sentinel. The defense claimed that it contained so little detail they couldn’t possibly defend her. And of course Judge Perry denied that motion.

Oh and I am sorry about my mistake in Caylee’s name, it is fixed now.

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