Caylee Anthony’s mother has been charged with first degree murder of her daughter. Caylee was not reported missing for 31 days and even then her mother was begging Cindy Anthony, Caylee’s grandmother for one more day before reporting it. Cindy Anthony made the 911 call on July 15, 2008 and reported her granddaughter missing which started the whole thing that has become the weirdest case. The more that we learn about this case the more this whole family seems to be involved in some way or another. Caylee’s remains were found on December 11, 2008 in a thick wooded area within about a mile from the Anthony’s home in Orlando just thrown away as if she were yesterday’s trash. Casey has been held without bond in the Orlando County jail on charges of first degree murder.

Well yesterday proved to be an entertaining day in the courtroom in Orlando Florida. Casey Anthony’s sleazy attorney, Jose Baez filed motions for the courts that were heard yesterday by Circuit Judge Stan Strickland. Baez was attempting to block the prosecution from releasing a few thousand (the count is according to Baez) photos that his client placed online into her photobucket account. He claims that prosecution is only using them to embarrass his client.

OK now maybe they are some sleazy photos but I almost choked when I read that he was worried about them embarrassing her. I mean come on now, give me a break here. If they would be embarrassing for her then why would she personally post them online in the first place? Besides that a lot of the photos have been seen by the public already anyway, so this motion in court was just a waste of time and money.

Baez wanted the judge to order the state to limit what pictures they could release saying a lot of them are irrelevant to the case and could have an effect on his client’s right to a fair trial. “We are playing with fire when we are playing with the right to a fair trial.” he said to the judge.

Orlando Sentinel’s attorney, Rachel Fugate argued that many of the photos have been saved and distributed online already. Baez claims there are other pictures that are not there for the public to see that he wants to have stopped from being shown. The prosecution said they would go along with what ever the judge decided. The judge decided late Monday night to rule that all the photos of Casey from her photobucket account can be made public.

The second motion filed was to prevent the jailhouse video from being released to the public. He claims this is just for the purpose of tainting potential jury pool since they say it shows where Casey Anthony started hyperventilating and asked for medication when she was told that remains of a child had been found. This was before they even identified them as being little Caylee.

Baez stood up in court and said to the judge, “Upon arriving at the jail, judge, I was denied access to my client. I immediately checked in and was told that I had to wait in the lobby area until someone could come and speak to me. Upon being taken from her cell to this medical environment she had requested to speak with me when they asked “Is there anybody you want to speak to?” She requested her attorney at that time.”

An unidentified male told the judge that when they have an inmate that receives bad news they take them to the medical unit. These public areas are always subject to fixed cameras. When asked if this is regular routine, he said absolutely. There was no camera installed specifically for this.

The judge decided to rule that Baez be allowed to look at the video that he hasn’t even seen yet and then he gave him 15 days to decide whether or not he will need to ask again for it to be blocked from the public. The prosecution claims they gave him the opportunity to view it already but he refused and his excuse now is that since Florida’s public record laws require the prosecutors to turn over the documents to the public once they have been released to the defense team with some exemptions such as autopsy pictures and judges order restrictions on other items he didn’t want to risk it.

I swear this man will come up with anything as an excuse to have his face plastered all over TV and newspapers by taking such crazy things as this to court. He loves to whine to the judge about anything and everything.

George and Cindy Anthony showed up in court yesterday too. He was wearing his ‘Find Caylee’ pin and it looked as though Cindy was wearing her shamrock pin to show her support for her daughter. Cindy apparently has been feeling well enough to go have her hair done. It looks like she had it cut and styled. I wonder if she had it done just for her court appearance. I also noticed she was going to town smacking on that gum in her mouth too. Perhaps she is a smoker and knowing she can’t smoke in court she chewed gum instead. When she walked out the courtroom she glanced around the room with a really hateful look on her face. I wonder who she was looking at. It would be comforting to know it was her daughter as if she was thinking how mad she is at her daughter to have killed her granddaughter, but I guess that just isn’t going to happen.

The Anthony’s will always stand behind Casey and as her brother Lee stated in his deposition last week, he believes everything his sister tells him. I don’t understand how they can say he answered everything honestly and told the truth when his answers were different from what he told the cops after Caylee was reported missing. He even told Casey himself at one time that she has told nothing but lies and now he is saying he believes everything she tells him. How do these people get away with this? They have lied more than both of my kids ever did put together when they were babies and yet they still are walking free.

A trial date has been set for October 12th.  Apparently a new attorney has been added to the defense team. He is a California trial attorney that specializes in cross examining witnesses, especially the technical experts. His name is Todd Macaluso. “This is my world. I deal with the best experts in the world and I deal with the best attorney’s in the world,” he said. “And on a case such as this where I believe that she is innocent, I’m going to fight as hard as I can to prove that in a court of law.”

This whole thing makes me sick. There are too many people in jail that are actually innocent with much less evidence pointing directly to them like this case has against Casey Anthony and they can’t get anything except for a court appointed lawyer that won’t give the case a second thought to help their client. So why does Casey get all these people fighting for her when they know she is guilty. I say they all want to become known at the OJ Dream Team wannabe’s.

There is talk not of the possibility of accident reconstruction. I think it is a little late now to be calling it an accident, especially since little Caylee’s skull was found with duct tape over her mouth.

I suppose we have no choice but to wait for the outcome of this during the trial because Casey is going to have her day in court. Remember we have been warned by her sleazebag attorney that once we hear Casey’s side of this we will all say to ourselves “Now we understand!” I seriously doubt that. If by some chance this was an accident she should have said that from the beginning and not waited 31 days before reporting it.

So all we can do now basically is to continue to pray for justice for little Caylee. We can continue being the voice for this little girl that we all have come to love so much. Caylee we shall never forget you!

Jan Barrett

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