Orange County Circuit Court Judge Jose R. Rodriquez has set a hearing for Thursday morning to decide whether or not Casey Anthony will have to give a deposition in a lawsuit against her filed by Zenaida Gonzalez after Anthony named her name as the same name as the mysterious Nanny that she left Caylee with in mid June.

Judge Rodriquez will have attorneys argue before him who do not want poor little Casey to be deposed because of her pending criminal trial

In the lawsuit Gonzalez says that Casey Anthony has defamed her name when she used it in connection with Caylee’s disappearance. Gonzalez claims she has lost her job and life has been difficult for her and her children ever since.

Zenaida’s attorney, John Morgan is a high profile attorney out of Orlando who is well respected in the Orlando area with his name and face plastered all over billboards and on TV commercials. Let’s hope Morgan puts Baez in his place at this hearing. Why should they always get their way just because it is an inconvenience to them? Casey created all this so why should the courts cater to her on her schedule instead of the system’s.

Meanwhile the Orange County Corrections Department is expecting to decide whether or not Casey will be permitted to watch Caylee’s funeral on TV if the local stations decide to carry it since she won’t be allowed to get out of jail to attend.

Casey’s team of attorney’s are trying to build a case for her to try and prove that she is innocent but if you ask me it looks like their chances of that would be as good as mine would be of me becoming the first woman president of the USA. Trust me there is NO chance of that.

It looks like psychic Gale St. John is trying to get in on the action as being one that knew where Caylee’s remains were only she didn’t know for sure at the time. She said she has the video to prove it too. St. John has the show called “The Body Hunter”

She says she got the feeling that day and it was overwhelming. “You get sick to your stomach,” she said. “You feel as though you’ve been punched in the stomach and something knocks the air out of you.”

She said she was in her car driving along the road when this hit her. She said she let her searcher out of the car along with one of the cadaver dogs. Then she drove further down the road but the feeling left her so she turned around and when she got back to that area she got the feeling back. She said she told her daughter, “Something’s not right here, something’s not right here.” She said this while they were filming the video. Even the dogs acted strange. She wanted to search more but they could only go so far because of the water and they never could get permission from the property owner to search more so she never returned.

She said when she heard of Caylee’s remains being found there she wasn’t surprised at all. “I honestly wasn’t surprised at all,” she said. “My reaction was that’s where we said that we felt something.” An unedited version of the video can be seen here but there is some profanity in it so consider yourself warned.

I will be so happy when this case is finally over. Sadly though I truly believe this whole case has made a lot of parents look at their children closer and realize what a treasure they have and in some strange way they have become closer to their children. Caylee I know you are looking down at us right now. I pray that you know that we all wanted you to survive this but in our hearts we knew something bad happened. We thank you though for bringing so many families together and also a lot of people together as a group becoming like family. God bless you Caylee Marie! You will never be forgotten.

Jan Barrett

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