We all know the name Caylee Anthony these days. She is the precious 2 year old from Orlando that was killed almost to the day, two years ago and sadly it seems that all the evidence in the case points towards Caylee’s mother, Casey Anthony. Caylee’s remains were found 6 months after she disappeared, dumped in the woods inside a trash bag. All that were left of this child was her skeletal remains but the skull that was found had duct tape wrapped around the mouth and nose.

Before the remains were found a grand jury handed down an indictment against the mother and she has been held inside the Orange County Jail ever since without bond on charges of first degree murder and the state is asking for the death penalty.

Last week this wanna be dream team defending Casey Anthony was in court after filing motions and one in particular that was requested was put on hold for a decision to be made later. The defense asked Judge Perry to seal all jailhouse visits for Casey. They claimed that Casey’s rights would be violated if the media and the state were allowed to know which experts were visiting in jail. For some reason they seemed to think the courts should give their client special treatments.

The prosecution attorneys argued that if they were granted this motion it would lead every other inmate in the county to expect the same consideration for them as well. Judge Perry said he would decide this week on this motion.

Yesterday when they were back in court with more motions, Judge Belvin Perry ruled that the jail visitation log is a public record and the court can not make an exception for Casey Anthony. He also noted that the defendant’s claim that failure to seal the jail visitation log is violative of her equal protection is without merit.  (Why does all these ideas sound like Bozo’s ideas, oopps I mean Baez’s)

The defense team also argued that the state merely filed a list of factors on which it may rely, failed to serve the defense with notice and failed to provide any indication of the evidence it would use to prove the existence of those factors. The judge declined to strike prosecutors’ filing of its notice of aggravating circumstances as for the reasons why they will seek the death penalty.

Judge Perry ruled that the prosecutors don’t have to provide some forensic evidence from Oak Ridge Laboratories but he did say that the defense could re-file a similar motion as long as it has a narrower focus.

All in all I would think it wasn’t a very successful day for the defense team in court. I bet they are regretting their move to get rid of Judge Strickland is getting stronger and stronger. I always say, be careful for what you ask for.

I will be following this case as the events come by. I am only doing this because I think Caylee Anthony deserves justice and in my opinion the only way she is going to get it, will be for the one responsible for her death to be punished and all those involved before and after. This little girl had no way of defending herself and she gave her life for it. Now we as the people need to be a voice for her to make sure they pay for what they did to her.

God bless you Caylee. We will never forget you honey!

Jan Barrett

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