In July 2008 we all remember the infamous 911 call in Orlando made from Cindy Anthony reporting the disappearance of her then 2 year old granddaughter, Caylee Anthony.

Now the stranger part of this call is the fact that the child had been missing for 31 days and the mother claimed the baby’s “Nanny” took the child and hasn’t been seen since. The story gets stranger as the days go by. The car which was Caylee’s mother’s was reported on several occasions to have smelled like a dead body had been in it which later once she knew she was only hurting her daughter’s case, Cindy decided to tell everyone it was only the smell of rotten pizza in the trunk of the car.

Casey claimed she worked at Universal Studios and even went as far as to attempt to show officers exactly where her office was only waiting til they got to the end of the hallway before she finally turned around and was forced to admit she had been lying saying she really didn’t work there.

It turned out that Casey hadn’t been working for a while which if she had been my daughter I would have to ask now if she wasn’t working what she even needed a Nanny for to begin with. Unfortunately authorities have come to the conclusion that the accusation that a “Nanny” took Caylee was made up and no such nanny even existed.

In October Casey Anthony was indicted by the Florida Grand Jury on murder in the first degree and the state has decided to ask for the death penalty, even though little Caylee’s body had not even been found.

George and Cindy Anthony have been accused (and with damn good reason) of helping cover up for their daughter. It is as if they have turned their back on their only grandchild who they claim is who they lived for, all to protect their daughter who most of the world seem to think is guilty as sin of killing her own daughter because she was merely a nuisance to her lifestyle. She reportedly broke it off with her fiance which he claims it was because she was jealous thinking he loved Caylee more than her.

On December 11, 2008 an Orange County meter reader claimed he was walking along the edge of a wooded area not far from the Anthony’s home and needed to relieve himself when he spotted a garbage bag and when he called the police it was discovered it was filled with the remains of little Caylee Marie Anthony. Her little bones had been scattered all over the area and it took the team of investigators days before they finally found all that they could to start making a case in this.

Roy Kronk was brought in by the defense team to be deposed and after being questioned under oath the defense team filed a motion suggesting that Kronk may be the one that killed Caylee. Kronk’s lawyer, David Evans says his client is a witness not a suspect and he has cooperated completely with the law enforcement. He says, as I personally believe that the defense team is trying to find someone to blame other than the person they are defending, Casey Anthony. I have to ask, “Has Bozo (oops I mean Baez) lost his mind?”

The defense is claiming in their motion which was filed Friday that they have evidence that calls into question about Kronk’s past. They say it includes a history of inappropriate behavior with young girls, abuse towards women, using duct tape to restrain women, involvement in an imaginary world of violence and fantasy and evidence that he knew where Caylee’s remains were weeks before he reported it.

Of course Kronk vehemently denies these allegations against him and is confident he will be vindicated.

OK so what happens if this doesn’t work. They seem to have tried pinning this on Jesse Grund, or his father Richard Grund who was smeared on the National Enquirer as holding a religious ritual to kill her, or that the Nanny did it, and now Roy Kronk? They want to pin it on anyone but the one who did this. Are they going to go back to the Nanny theory if Roy Kronk can prove he is innocent? This seems like a pattern for them.

Everyone knows who killed this lovely little girl and this person needs to pay dearly for it. I hardly think it was Roy Kronk. I still think that all the Anthony’s know exactly what happened to that precious angel and now they are covering for their daughter not to mention their own web of lies.

I guess the truth will eventually come out. Personally I think Casey Anthony should be put in with the other prisoners and quit giving her special privileges. I bet one of those women in there that hate child killers would set her straight and get the truth out of her as well.

I still pray for Caylee every night that she will one day be able to rest in peace knowing that she finally gets the justice she deserves. Please don’t forget to say your prayers for all these babies. They need someone out there to fight for them to save them. If we could only save one at least it would be a blessing but I would prefer to be able to protect them all. I know I can’t but it sure can’t hurt me wanting to. God Bless All of Them!

Jan Barrett

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