Well it seems that Judge Stan Strickland has scored more points with the American people out there following the murder case against Casey Anthony from Orlando Florida. Casey is accused of murdering her 2 year old daughter, little Caylee Marie Anthony and is being held in the Orlando County Jail without bond with the charges of first degree murder and the state will be asking for the death penalty.

Judge Strickland ruled yesterday that Casey’s check forgery trial will be held before her murder trial. Her attorney’s have been fighting trying to get that postponed until after the murder trial in fear that if she is convicted it could hurt her in the murder trial. During this trial, if convicted on the check forgery she could be found guilty on as many of 13 counts which would make her a convicted felon. That wouldn’t look so good on her when she appears in court for murder.

The prosecution has a video tape showing Anthony at a Target store as she went on a shopping spree after her daughter went missing. She was seen buying things such as sexy lingerie, beer, big white sunglasses, and the blue hoodie she happened to be wearing the first time she was arrested. She was seen writing out a check using her friend Amy Huizenga’s check. I think this is going to kind of hard for them to say she is innocent with a video that clearly proves she is guilty.

Also there is more news on the duct tape that was found on little Caylee’s skull covering her nose and mouth. Apparently the tape is a rare make and it could cause a major setback for the defense team. The defense has claimed that the Henkel brand tape was the best selling brand in the country but the brand attached to Caylee’s skull is a special make.

WKMG’s Tony Pipitone says, “This specific industrial, fire-resistant tape is a tiny fraction of all the tape sold by Henkel. We tried to buy some today. We couldn’t find any.”

When asked what does this mean, he said, “It is extremely rare and a crucial find.”

Prosecutors do plan to explain just how rare the tape is in court and they will argue that the tape is a link between the body and Anthony. They also claim the tape is similar to that tape that was found on the gas can in The Anthony’s shed.

Little by little it seems like the defense’s case is started to fall apart. Piece by piece getting knocked down. As for the shopping spree, I’d like to hear an explanation why on earth would she be buying things like beer and sexy lingerie, not to mention anything else, when she was supposedly out doing her own investigation looking for Caylee. I guess she saw the investigation as an 8 hour a day job and she had clocked out that day so she was no longer working on the case so she went shopping. She must have been exhausted after looking for her daughter that she was just ready for a nice relaxing evening with her boyfriend. Who knows what was going through that woman’s head.

People always say you don’t know what you would do if you were in her shoes. Well this might be true but I don’t care what anyone says when it comes to defending someone that would prefer to party than look for her own child, I know I wouldn’t be partying. I would be looking til I dropped. I would have not been in a Target Store (or any store for that matter) buying beer and lingerie using someone else’s money to pay for it at that. For all you Casey Anthony defenders, I’d like to know an explanation for these actions if she is supposed to be so damn innocent.

While Casey was shopping, was Caylee lying in the woods with duct tape over her mouth inside a laundry bag that was put inside a garbage bag and thrown away like she was nothing but trash? The thought of that sickens me. As a mother and grandmother I can’t understand how anyone can do that to a precious child., a gift from God that should be cherished not dumped.

I am still looking for justice for Caylee Marie Anthony. I pray that one day she will get it so she may rest in peace. We haven’t forgotten you Caylee. We all still love you!

Jan Barrett

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