Now this is what I would call bizarre and ludicrous. I guess at this point nothing in this murder case should surprise me, but this really caught my attention.

Everyone knows who Caylee Anthony was. She was a gorgeous little girl living in Orlando Florida with her mom, grandmother and grandfather. She went missing in mid-June 2008 but wasn’t reported to authorities for 31 days and even then the mother didn’t want it to be reported saying she was looking for her on her own. The problem with that is she appeared to be looking in the wrong places for a 2 year old child. Who would expect to find a little girl hanging out in nightclubs swinging on dance poles? Well her mother must have because that is where she was at night while her daughter was missing. I would hardly call that searching for a missing child.

Caylee’s remains were found within walking distance of the family home on December 11, 2008 in a laundry bag which was put inside a garbage bag and her mouth was wrapped with duct tape. Her mother has been in jail since October 2008, after a grand jury handed down an indictment for murder against her and she has been held without bail ever since. And then the games began with the defense team.

Simon announced on our Sunday radio show March 8, 2010 Jose (Bozo) Baez seems to have lost his mind by asking that the taxpayers help pay for Caylee’s mother’s legal fees that seem to be adding up. They want us to pay for fees such as cost of travel, serving subpoenas, hiring experts, deposing witnesses and investigating expenses involved. Why should we pay for high priced (as they would like to think of themselves) lawyers for this woman? If they can’t afford to stay on the case as it is then let her get a court appointed lawyer like everyone else has to do that can’t afford an attorney. And then they aren’t even going to get this to trial until May 9, 2011 time and location to be determined by further order of the court.

Are these attorneys buying time from the taxpayers and court systems hoping they can tire the public of this case so the juror’s will go easy on her? Well if I can help it that isn’t going to happen. I will continue keeping her name out until little Caylee Anthony gets the justice she so rightly deserves.

The next thing that shocked me was that this so called dream team wanna be’s filed new motions this week to try and get some of the prosecutions evidence blocked from the jury. The list is as follows.

*The infamous 911 call made by Cindy Anthony complaining about her daughter’s car smelling like there was a dead body in there. (They are trying to say that since Caylee had been missing for 31 days already the phone call was not spontaneous or reliable) It is quite obvious why they don’t want this to be used. They know what this 911 call can do to their case.

*They don’t want the jury to see all the photos of Casey partying at the different nightclubs. (They say the photos “paint a picture of an irresponsible, drunken, promiscuous and wild defendant” and contain “inflammatory imagery that would unfairly prejudice Anthony before a jury)  Well DUH! That is exactly what she is, why hide it from the jury. The truth will hurt her case and they know it.

*Then they are asking the judge to throw out the things that Anthony’s friends and family describe her as including a thief, liar and a bad mother saying it is all hearsay. I would say that her family and friends would be the best ones to ask about how she really was since they know her well.

I guess this is the best they can come up with in her defense. They know that all the other tricks they have tried to pull have backfired on them. They should just wash their hands with it and hand the case over to a public defender and let them just pray for the best.

I am praying for justice for Caylee and I know I am not alone in this one. I just know she is looking down and waiting for it herself. God bless you Caylee. America will never forget you, neither will the world.

Jan Barrett

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