I think the chances of anyone in America to not have heard about this case would be very rare. America has fallen in love with this 2 year old child, Caylee Anthony, that disappeared in mid June but the baby’s mother, Casey Anthony didn’t bother to report her missing for 31 days and even then it was not her that reported it, it was her mother Cindy Anthony.

Casey told authorities that she dropped Caylee off with the babysitter, Zenaida Gonzalez on her way to work at Universal studios and that evening when she went to pick her up they were gone and she hadn’t seen her daughter since. When asked how come she waited this long to report her missing, her excuse was that she was frantic but was doing her own investigation.

OK well giving her the benefit of the doubt let’s say she was doing just that. She tells the investigators places she went to look for her daughter and the list of places to me were so far fetched as to where anyone would take a 2 year old child, like in nightclubs for example.

When police start to investigate Casey’s story they find out that she doesn’t even work at Universal and hasn’t worked there for two years. She even went as far as to lead them to her so-called office and waited until they were going down the hall at Universal before she admitted to them that she lied.

After a lot of other investigations detectives gathered enough evidence that prove that little Caylee is probably dead and her mother is connected with the death if not guilty of doing it herself. Casey has been arrested and charged with first degree murder and is being held without bail in the Orange County Jail.  Caylee and her family are all claiming she is innocent and little Caylee is alive and someone has her. They claim to have thousands of tips proving she is alive. Yet all we see is the Anthony’s standing under tents asking the public for donations for Kid Finders so they can find Caylee.

Now we see a tour of the Anthony home which shows a very neat and tidy home. Everything in the right place just as it was before all this happened. Ordinarily this would be a move which would be very sympathetic to the family of a missing person, especially a missing child. In this case though I think the public is more like in disgust. Cindy Anthony shows Local 6 news reporter Jessica D’Onofrio her home. She tells Jessica that when Casey came home on bail she wanted to sleep in her and George’s bedroom because she couldn’t stand to be in her own room because of all the pictures she had of Caylee hanging in there. She said she didn’t want to go into her bedroom because that is where she and Caylee spent most of their time together. Cindy said that it became more comforting for her to be in their room. She’d sleep with Caylee’s teddy bear. Cindy stressed how hard it was for Casey to sleep. (It was probably because she had to lie there with that teddy bear next to her to make it look like she was missing her daughter instead of her being out with her friends having fun)

Does Cindy actually think the world will believe that Casey’s room was like a shrine to her daughter with pictures ranging from the ultrasound to her birth along with other pictures of them together? I love my kids dearly and my oldest was the one that had lots of photos taken of him but those pictures weren’t displayed in my bedroom, they were displayed all over my home so people visiting could come in and I could brag about them. If you are that proud of your children why would you hide the photos in a bedroom anyway? There is no way I will be convinced that Casey did all that. It looks just like something Cindy would do. The remark was said about how Casey loved photography. Those pictures couldn’t have all been taken by Casey. I can’t picture any woman taking a picture themselves of their own child being born. It sounds to me like it was Cindy taking all these pictures herself not Casey.

Casey is not the loving mother that Cindy is trying to make her out to be. How could any mother that loves her child as much as Cindy said Casey did, call her daughter a little snot head or bring her to wild parties because she couldn’t find a baby sitter. I think there was a report that she even took her to a club and her friends thought that was inappropriate. So Cindy I think you are barking up the wrong tree with this one. I am sure this is how the new spokesperson, Michelle Bart wanted you to make your daughter look to gain sympathy for her so that would create reasonable doubt to any potential juror member.

They probably postponed this so called press conference so they would have time to get the house ready for this little show. Perhaps that is why they didn’t appear live on CNN’s Nancy Grace. They knew this little tour would end up on Nancy’s Show and that is what they wanted…MORE PUBLICITY to make them more famous.

Now in the news we are being told that the Anthony’s ARE planning on writing a book. Local 6 News said that George and Cindy haven’t put a deal in motion yet but they are planning it. They claim the book is not going to be a tell-all about this case involving Caylee missing but instead it will focus on what families should do if their child is missing. The way it looks to me is that the Anthony’s have handled this case completely opposite from how they should have so how can they write a book telling people how to do it. God these people amaze me. Who would even want to buy the book if they wrote it anyway? Besides that if you have a child missing who would go to a manual to teach you how to handle it anyway?

I am still waiting on this press conference to hear what proof they say they have that Caylee is still alive, which I believe is now set for Friday. I for one would be the first to personally apologize to the Anthony’s if she is alive somewhere. I would love nothing more for that little precious girl to come home alive and well, but I just don’t see it happening. And as I said before, how come they are waiting with this news to go get her. If they have proof, I would say the only proof is that they saw her somewhere themselves. If that is the case then why haven’t they gone to get her? I would be on the next flight out finding my granddaughter and NOT busy giving a news station an exclusive tour of my home. Tell me, where are these people’s brains? I suppose getting the house ready for the tour was what Michelle Bart meant by making sure they dotted their “I’s” and crossed their “T’s”. Geezzz give me a break!

 George Anthony is now saying that he is planning to act as spokesperson for Kid Finders Network who he claims has been helping him search for his granddaughter. He claims he want to help the group get established and grow their organization in the Orlando area. “I’ll be a spokesman for them. I’m willing to make their organization grow and help the 14 kids my granddaughter included but other kids,” Said George Anthony.

Contrary to reports that the organization has yet to find any missing child, a spokeswoman for the group said they do things to raise awareness like print up fliers and T-shirts and billboards. She said that it is very possible that their efforts have helped find missing children. (Yeah so does taking out an ad in your local newspapers that doesn’t cost near that amount of money)

I don’t know if little Caylee will ever be found but with all of our prayers I know beyond the shadow of a doubt that she knows none of this was her fault and that she had a lot of people loving her even though none of us ever met her. God Bless you Caylee!

Jan Barrett

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