Well once again George and Cindy Anthony, grandparents of little Caylee Anthony who has been missing since mid June, are being forced to move their command center due to protesters. Stores in the area are being threatened to be picketed by protesters and vandalism is forcing them out. Cindy Anthony says they are being forced to move because the current location is being inundated with complaints.

“It’s multiple calls…multiple emails, faxes,” says Anthony. She said the trouble makers keep it up until they are asked to move. Someone has vandalized the site multiple times. They defaced the signs and put up tape all over tables and even a large mobile billboard sign that the Anthony’s tow around. They say this is happening even with big signs all over the mobile office that read “YOU ARE BEING VIDEOTAPED BY A REMOTE LOCATION…YOU WILL BE ARRESTED”

“It’s just one more thing we have to deal with,” says Anthony.

This is the 5th time they have to move their search headquarters. Anthony says that someone is making it hard for them these days. They have been located in the past in two Publix supermarket parking lots, outside of a fruit stand and in a skating rink parking lot.

It’s not just forcing us, George and I, off with Caylee’s stuff,” says Cindy Anthony. “It’s forcing Jennifer Kesse’s picture off there, Trenton Ducket’s picture, the Bernhards, a lot of other children.”  The Help Find Caylee headquarters is sponsored by Kidfinders so there are pictures of missing children from across the state of Florida. Tuesday the Kidfinders Network will be signing a lease on a permanent office space to be their new headquarters which will also have the Help Find Caylee commander center.

George and Cindy Anthony are both still claiming that Caylee is still alive. They are still hanging onto that hope. Cindy Anthony says, “Right now our focus is on finding Caylee.”

 What I don’t understand is if this is true and if what they keep telling people is true about her being somewhere else then why are they here? Why aren’t they in these other places that they keep telling people that she is at? Sitting at these command centers doesn’t seem to be helping if you ask me. I think they should be out there looking for her personally. What gives them the right to stay there and beg others to go out and search for her? If they claim they have good leads on where she is why aren’t they going after those leads themselves?

Meanwhile it seems as though the Florida Bar Association will be investigating the jailhouse hugs between Casey Anthony and her attorney Jose Baez. How about them holding hands in public? He claims he didn’t know the rules, which is bullcrap if you ask me. He is an attorney in the state of Florida. He is supposed to know these kinds of things. They all say that the rule is to forbid the visitor from slipping contraband to the prisoner.

In this case I would be worried that it would be Casey slipping notes to him telling him where Caylee is so he can arrange to go have her body moved before Equusearch arrives to start their search again.

Baez could possibly have his license revoked if the Bar decides his conduct was inappropriate but such actions are rare in a case such as this.

Casey Anthony is being held in the Orange County Jail on charges of first degree murder and other charges without bail. She failed to report her daughter missing for 31 days and even then it was only reported because her mother, Cindy Anthony called 911.

The most important part of this whole ordeal is finding that precious little girl, Caylee Marie Anthony. She has been missing far too long. My heart goes out to her. Caylee where ever you are sweetheart the world loves you and we are all praying for you night and day. We pray you are found soon and this all will come to an end. God Bless you honey!

Jan Barrett

Oh, I’d like to add a quick “Happy Birthday” to my husband Simon Barrett, Senior Editor of Blogger News and a “Happy Anniversary” to him also. It is our 3rd wedding anniversary today too. I love you honey!

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