Finally! The judge didn’t bow down to the pleas of George and Cindy Anthony this morning in court when they were asking him to seal the autopsy report of their granddaughter, Caylee Anthony until their daughter Casey goes to trial.

“I think it is information that the public has the right to see. I am going to deny your motion to restrict disclosure,” said Judge Stan Strickland. “I’m not happy to make the ruling. It is something I legally have to do.”

Their claim was that if it was released it would cause them more anguish and it would only benefit those trying to exploit the murder of their 2 year old granddaughter.

George Anthony told the judge, “Our family is still hurting and grieving the loss of Caylee Marie and if the court would allow please, give us some peace and show us some dignity by keeping this report sealed.” He continued on to say, “Thank you judge for giving me this brief moment. It’s all for her. This is for her today.” Cindy was in court too and she appeared to be crying while holding her head in her hands.

The Orlando Sentinel’s attorney, Rachel Fugate was present at the hearing and she questioned Anthony about his participation in this vast media coverage in this case. “They have participated voluntarily in this public comment and I don’t think delaying the release of the autopsy reports is going to alleviate their grief or protect their privacy.” She said to the court.

She also stated that although she does sympathize with the Anthony’s the release of this autopsy would help end stipulation about the case.

Judge Strickland said he didn’t think that the release of the autopsy would taint the decision of the jury panel. He did however order any images including in the autopsies to be removed before it is released. Cindy Anthony just sat their shaking her head back and forth when the judge made his ruling.

Casey Anthony’s attorney, Jose Bozo, oops I mean Baez, asked the court to give the defense team 48 hours to prepare for this before they released the report but Strickland denied his request.

I say Kudos! To Judge Strickland for finally telling these people no for something. The report was released not long after the judge’s ruling and you can find it here from The medical examiner Dr. Jan Garavaglia said that Caylee’s remains don’t say for sure what killed her. It only says that her death was that of a homicide and the Doctor concluded that there was no evident trauma to little Caylee’s skeleton. She states that the duct tape that was found on the head of the skeleton has been clearly placed prior to decomposition according to the autopsy report. Also there were statements making it clear that the bag with her remains in it had clearly been in that spot for several months prior to being found.

I can’t believe George actually asked the court to show them some dignity by sealing this report. Where is this dignity he is talking about when he and Cindy show their faces on National TV trying to keep their names in the news? They can’t seem to stay out of the news. If they were truly still grieving would they be sitting in front of TV cameras defending the one that killed their granddaughter?

What makes them think they should be treated any different than anyone else when it comes to a case like this? They have interfered in the investigation more than once or twice yet they are still walking free to do and say what they want. Their reaction to this whole case has been what caused the public outcry. And when it isn’t an advantage to them they want it stopped. As long as they feel it would benefit their daughter or themselves they are all for giving interviews though. Well they can’t have it both ways and it is about time someone stands up to them and tells them they can’t have everything.

This performance in court today was a poor one. It is kind of obvious it was all an act trying to get the judge to have sympathy for them. It is funny they weren’t crying the night little Caylee’s remains (YES George I called it her remains) were found. Instead they were at the Ritz Carlton having fun while eating their steak dinner. I don’t recall any reports of Cindy Anthony crying that night. One would think that she would be beside herself after just learning that her granddaughter’s remains might have been found. I mean after all her daughter, Casey sure gave a stronger reaction than Cindy did. One would think this would be a time that any of the Anthony’s would show a grieving reaction but they didn’t. The public reacted more than any of them did.

We all are waiting for this to go to trial and we are all praying that little Caylee Marie Anthony will finally get the justice she so rightfully deserves by having the jury find her mother guilty of first degree murder and then have her sent to death row. If they don’t give her the death penalty, give her life in prison with no chance of ever being released on parole. May she never be set free again! Then Caylee will have her justice!

Caylee we will never forget you!

Jan Barrett

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