Well it seems that Friday wasn’t exactly a typical Friday afternoon at George and Cindy Anthony’s home in Florida. Apparently George, Casey Anthony’s father and grandfather to missing Caylee Anthony has shown more signs of his temper with the public.

A public outrage has erupted today after the announcement came that Leonard Padilla, the Bounty Hunter, has changed his mind about revoking Casey Anthony’s bond. He got on TV Thursday night and openly stated that he was going to revoke it and have her sent back to jail Saturday. Something has changed his mind even though he was asked if there was anything Cindy Anthony could make him change it on the Nancy Grace Show. His response was absolutely not.

George started throwing chairs and yelling when he saw two protesters in front of his home. His pastor had to hold him back from going after two men who had set up chairs and an umbrella in his yard so they could see Casey put back in jail.

Leonard Padilla told reporters, “I don’t want you guys sitting there talking to Cindy when she’s got a hammer in her hand.” He also expresses his fears for Casey as she travels back and forth to her attorney’s office. “I think somebody could take a shot at her,” he said. He says his concerns for Casey’s safety are rather serious. People are driving by yelling towards Jose Baez’s office. An Eyewitness News Crew heard two people scream out “Hang Her!”

Jose Baez told Eyewitness News of wftv.com that Casey runs past the cameras because he told her to. He says Casey doesn’t want to go back to jail so he worked out a deal to take more responsibility for security. As I said earlier in another article, who exactly is going to be paying for this extra security, if Baez is handling this case for free and is Padilla isn’t getting paid for his services. “After discussing what we could do to address those concerns, Mr. Padilla has agreed not surrender the bond,” said Baez, Friday.

Finally someone from the State’s Attorney office has made a comment about the DNA tests that were done. News broke out yesterday that the DNA tests came in indicating that there were signs of decomposition found in Casey’s car and that Caylee was dead. Now, Orange County State Attorney Lawson Lamar had this to say, “Law enforcement prosecution throughout all of this has been hoping and praying we find this child alive. That hope has been somewhat diminished by recent forensics.”

An offer of limited immunity has been made to Casey after it was requested by Jose Baez several weeks ago. This means that anything Casey would tell the investigators would not be used against her in court, but any evidence found could be. “The initial thought of offering that level of immunity was that we might gain some information that would lead us to the missing child,” said Lamar.

Casey kept saying over and over before being released from jail that she needed to get out so she could help find her daughter. Her parents screamed at reporters that arresting their daughter was a huge mistake because she needed to be out to help look for Caylee. She has been out of jail now more than a week and so far she hasn’t said a word to help anyone find that precious little girl. The State’s Attorney’s office is waiting for the sheriff’s office to bring in what they call a “fact package,” which has all the forensic evidence. Lamar says there is no rush on the packet. The offer of limited immunity will expire on Tuesday. I guess we will see if Baez comes up with another trick up his sleeve to extend that offer too.

Leonard Padilla said that Cindy Anthony was in denial when she made the statement about someone else probably put a dead body in the trunk of Casey’s car while in the towing company’s yard. She says she doesn’t believe her daughter is responsible for Caylee’s death. She then says she doesn’t think Caylee is even dead. How many different stories is she going to try to sell to the public? No one seems to believe her anymore either.

She put up no trespassing signs all over her yard because she is sick of the media hanging around their house all the time. Well duh! That is what happens when you invite them so you can get your picture on the TV. “All you guys want to (explicit) do is put my daughter in jail. Not one of you is doing a damn thing to find my granddaughter!” she screamed at reporters.

Now maybe I am wrong but since when is it the public’s job or the media’s for that matter to go out and look for someone missing? People do what they can to help but how come she isn’t lashing out at her little spoiled brat in the same tone and make her talk.

She has called in a search team from Texas called EquuSearch Mounted Search and Recovery to help find Caylee. Tim Miller heads the team. “We are not asking Casey one question about anything, you know that’s the detective’s job. She does have an attorney and our job is to be searchers,” said Miller.

“I want him to do a search around here to satisfy all of you leaches, parasites, and all of you maggots,” said Cindy Anthony Thursday night. Wouldn’t she feel like a fool if they find Caylee buried in her back yard and then I guess someone else used a shovel and buried her there to try and frame her precious Casey? 

I still think the grandparents know all that is going on with their daughter and with the disappearance of Caylee. I am not saying they were involved in it but I am saying that I feel it in my gut that they are helping her plan how to cover up what happened. Maybe they discuss it at night when no one can hear them and then Casey runs back to Jose Baez to get his opinion as to whether or not he thinks a plan will work. I don’t trust any of them anymore not even the attorney or Leonard Padilla now since he clearly lied. I can guarantee that none of them will be on my Christmas card list this year!

Caylee we all love you and our hearts and prayers are with you where ever you are.

Jan Barrett

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