Well I guess they needed someone to talk for Cindy and George Anthony because they have now hired a new spokesperson for them, Michelle Bart. She has organized a chance for the public to meet and greet the Anthony’s. WOW! I guess this would be your chance to meet the new wanna-be celebrities.

“I believe it’s important for the community to get to know the Anthony’s on a different levels,” Bart said. “They are down to earth… approachable… very honest.”

Sorry I almost had to barf on that last sentence she made. Cindy Anthony is anything BUT honest. She has changed her story in this case almost as many times as her daughter has. How can anyone call this woman honest when Cindy herself says one minute bad things about her daughter and the next she paints her as the ideal mother that deserves the “Mother of the Year” award? How can she be labeled as honest when one minute she is frantic on a 911 call claiming that Casey’s car smelled like a dead body had been in there and then when she realized she could be sending her brat to prison by saying that she changed it to the odor coming from old pizza that was in the trunk, when in fact it was just an old empty pizza box in there. Besides pizza sitting in the hot sun inside a car would still not smell like anything dead. Not only that, but eventually that smell would go away. Reports say that the car STILL reeks of death.

Cindy seems to feel this is the time for them to do this. She thinks that since the search for Caylee dead didn’t turn up anything that maybe now the people will focus on finding the Alive Caylee. “We want to let them know that we’re not giving up looking for her. We’re going to continue efforts looking for her. We’re going to continue the efforts that we’ve had from the beginning. So if anyone wants to come out and see what we’re all about that’s what we’re here for,” said Cindy Anthony.

George and Cindy Anthony glowed as they were set as the main attraction Saturday at an event for Kid Finders. They were helping the organization gather a list of volunteers they can contact at a later date and determine how these volunteers can help in the search for Caylee. Cindy did an interview where she stressed that this effort requires more donations so that Kid Finders can keep up the search. I say it would be more like so the Anthony’s can keep up this charade and make their pocketbooks thicker.

Bart is also apparently planning a news conference for Monday to show evidence that Caylee is still alive. She says they have several leads that placed Caylee at the Orlando International Airport. “We have many tips that she’s been there. Many tips that have led us to believe it was during a three day period that she had been seen by many people,” said Bart.

When asked why they have been holding out on this type of information that could lead to Caylee being found alive, her response was, “Because we don’t want to lose the opportunity…that’s why. We want to make sure our “I’s” are dotted and our “T’s” are crossed.

I think this is a load of bull. ALL airports have security cameras surrounding them, especially an International Airport. If little Caylee was spotted at that airport, inside or out, the cameras would have picked her up by now and all this crap the Anthony’s have put the law enforcement and the public through wouldn’t have been necessary.

My theory is that they wanted to make sure they got famous by using little Caylee’s disappearance so they could rake in the money for it all. I find it way to hard to believe that after all this time that the cops wouldn’t have followed these leads IF they are even true.

WHY would we even believe them anyway? The so called ‘honest’ Cindy Anthony (Bart’s description NOT mine) has lied to us over and over about where Caylee is. George even once got on camera and told the world that they knew where Caylee was and they had their guys ‘watching’ them as he was speaking. Come on now, do they REALLY think we are fools? Why would they only be watching when they claim that they KNOW she is there? Hell I would be knocking doors down to get to my granddaughter and I am only a wife and mother with NO police training. George is an ex cop for God’s sake. He should know how to do that. He should know you don’t just sit outside someone’s door watching them as he said they were doing.

Now back to Casey’s car. Jose Baez won a request in court the right to examine Casey’s car with his own team of experts. Friday he brought his team to the sheriff’s office to do just that. Included with his team he brought along with him Dr. Henry Lee, a nationally known and self-proclaimed “legendary” forensic investigator. Lee has assisted in more than 6000 cases some of which were the well publicized OJ Simpson murder trial. In 2003 a judge had ruled that Lee had either hid or accidentally destroyed key evidence in a murder trial. If I was part of the Orange County Sheriff’s team I would have kept my eye on them while they checked out that car.

They examined the car with a magnifying glass and took pictures. They also examined part of the car that had been removed. Baez said he wanted to examine the carpet that was in the trunk of the car that had the stain that was reported and the spare tire well and tire cover but they had been removed from the car so the FBI could test it. Eyewitness News wasn’t allowed to film while they were inspecting the car but they did learn that the car still smelled of decomposition, even now.

Thursday Leonard Padilla’s dive team found a bag of toys and what appeared to be bones in the river where they were diving and Cindy Anthony right away claims that Padilla knew those were not related to Caylee’s case, claiming that was only a display he put on for the cameras. She claims someone from Padilla’s crew sent her a text message right away telling her it wasn’t Caylee’s remains found there.

I wouldn’t be afraid to bet that the someone she mentions was someone she had there spying for her and she had that all set up to do to frame Padilla. “He’s said it’s been about Caylee, but obviously his true colors are truly shown,” Cindy said. Well to me this only shows Cindy’s true colors. She doesn’t want Leonard Padilla to cut in on her parade of fame. She wants all the attention and she can’t stand for Padilla to be taking it away from her.

I wouldn’t be surprised if it were the Anthony’s that somehow got to the owner of Blanchard Park to get him to order Leonard Padilla out of the park for the weekend. Padilla told Eyewitness News Friday that despite Thursday’s drama and the fact that they didn’t find anything Friday he is more convinced that Casey dumped Caylee’s body in the river at Blanchard Park. He is insisting that the river is Caylee’s current resting place.

Padilla thinks The Anthony’s are saying he planted that evidence. The FBI has asked that Padilla take a lie detector’s test which he says he has no problem with. “It would have been great if Casey, Lee, Cindy and George would have taken a lie detector test,” said Padilla.

George Anthony made a statement saying, “Someone’s exploiting our family, exploiting our granddaughter and that’s wrong.”

I think George better look at his own family here before making a statement such as that. At least Leonard Padilla is out there NOT spending everyone else’s money and he is looking for Caylee. The Anthony’s only want to stand there asking people for donations so they can look for Caylee. They have been doing this for 5 months now. My question is WHEN are they planning on taking this money to do that? Where is this money going? I want to see a report showing where all this money is and exactly who is pocketing it. Cindy and George accused their former spokesperson of taking money when they appeared on TV. Cindy said she had been told several times that no one gets paid for it so that has to be proof from her own admission that she tried to get money out of it all. I still think that was a setup too and they framed Garrison for that because they were about to be busted but that is only my opinion.

Someone needs to find Caylee one way or another so all this can be put to an end. I think it should be against the law for anyone to make money on a missing child case or a murder case such as this. It is so disrespectful to the child. If the Anthony’s made pleas for donations for them personally would they receive any? Probably but at least then no one can blame them. The donators would at least know what they are giving the money for. If you are going to ask for money to be donated be ‘honest’ about it and tell exactly what you want the money for don’t do it in a fraudulent way.

Honestly I wouldn’t give them a penny because I think they know exactly what Casey has done with Caylee but they won’t tell because if they do they wouldn’t be able to live with themselves knowing they sent their daughter to the chair or prison with life in prison without benefit of parole ever which is what she should get.

I pray that someone finds Caylee soon. I wish with all of my heart that she is alive somewhere and someone is doing a very good job at hiding her but down deep I don’t see that happening. But either way it needs to end before it goes any deeper. God Bless you Caylee where ever you are honey. We are all praying for you.

Jan Barrett

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