What will it take to make these people go away? Maybe they could crawl under a rock and let the world rest from seeing the likes of them on morning TV News Shows. I bet America would be much happier.

Every morning after I get my first cup of coffee I sit down and read my emails and all the news online that I find interesting. This morning I almost spit my coffee out as I was reading this story.

George and Cindy Anthony were talking again this morning with CBS’s Early Show co-anchor Maggie Rodriguez. Personally I don’t know how Rodriguez can stomach talking to these people that must think they are above and beyond the law. They think people should roll out the red carpet when they arrive to greet them.

This time the Anthony’s are saying that Ronald Cummings, the father of the 5 year old girl, Haleigh Cummings that has been missing from Putnam County Florida since February 10, made a mistake by turning down their offer to help find his daughter.

“When your child is missing, you take every bit of help you can,” said Cindy Anthony to Rodriguez. “”You take every help. You don’t turn anybody away. You can’t turn anybody away.”

“Oh My God!” was my reaction. What a hypocrite this woman is. When little Caylee was still missing, how many people did this woman turn away because they simply didn’t do things the way SHE wanted them to do it. I can’t believe she got on National TV this morning and made such a dumb statement. Have these people no pride?

Ronald Cummings made it very clear to the Anthony’s he did not want their help at all in finding his daughter. He thought they were only there for a personal agenda which is what practically all of America thinks as well. The Anthony’s don’t do anything for anyone unless they have something to gain for themselves.

“They have every right to say what they want to say,” said George in his interview with Rodriguez. “Because they are controlling that. And I understand that. We’re just here to help in any way we can- just a little bit of support. I’ll stand in the background. I’m not gonna be there in the forefront. I never was at the beginning. I was just offering some support, some moral support and some way that he could possibly bring more awareness for his child. That’s what I was trying to help with … And if he called and said, George I need you help, I’d still be there to help him. I’m not going to stop unless he tells me to stop. But I understand. It’s a tough situation for everybody.”

Cindy must think they are the only ones that can work miracles. Where the hell were they when their precious granddaughter, Caylee Marie Anthony was murdered? How come they weren’t there to help that child? Cindy told Rodriguez, “You know that one exposure of your child’s face out there could be that one time. So, you know, to him I say, you made a mistake.”

Then Cindy really pushed it by trying to take the credit for Haleigh’s disappearance getting all the attention it has gotten. This woman just can’t stand not being in the spotlight. She said, “We’re the ones who got national attention for their daughter the first night, because I was on the phone with national media. And that was the day of Caylee’s memorial, February 10. We had just gotten home from her memorial and heard about Haleigh. So we hurried up and made desperate phone calls to people in the national media to say ‘Hey, start covering the story.’ And that was a day I should have been home just worrying about myself.”

I almost fell over when I read that one. Is there anything this woman won’t do or say to keep in the spotlight? When George supposedly attempted suicide and had miracles working on him that cured his mental problems practically overnight and he was getting all the attention and apparently she couldn’t handle that. She had to go on TV and say she also had thought about suicide too and even wrote a suicide note also. She said she thought this BEFORE Caylee was found though. You know at the time when she got mad because Tim Miller was looking for either a live or a dead Caylee. That is when she ran him off. If she thought Caylee was truly alive why would she think about suicide.

Cindy might fool CBS’s co-anchor with her crocodile tears when weeping over Caylee being gone but I won’t buy it. Where were those tears when they announced they found a bag of bones not far from their home that they suspected to be that of Caylee? Oh yeah that is right, I forgot, they were sitting in the restaurant at the Ritz Carlton Hotel downtown Orlando after checking into a room there, having a luxurious steak dinner along with a few others like Jose Bozo (ooops I mean Baez) and Michelle Bart and Dominic Casey. They were all sitting around enjoying their dinner while that baby’s bones were being searched for after being scattered in the area where the skull was found. Where were her damn tears that day?

She had the nerve to look into the camera and say, “It’s been a year. Yesterday was a tough day. Today is a tough day. Every day has been a tough day this last year. And I just miss her. I just miss her so much.”

Yeah well I guess yesterday was tough finding what she wanted to pack for their trip to New York to appear on the Early Show again. It was tough today to figure out what she was going to say that would work to get sympathy from the public. This whole year has been tough finding out the best, easiest and quickest way to make money off her granddaughter’s death.

I am sorry but I have no sympathy for this woman or for George for that matter. Their attorney Brad Conway states that the Anthony’s don’t know the truth about what happened to Caylee. I beg to differ. They know. Why else would they have went out of their way to destroy evidence and why else would they risk perjury and lie for that evil daughter of theirs. They know!

I don’t think they should turn their back on their daughter right now but I do think they are wrong for always trying to shove the blame on someone else. They can support her even after admitting she is guilty. I think it is high time that they become the boss instead of Casey being the boss as George told her she was. Of course she told him she was the boss before going to jail but since they locked her up she isn’t anymore.

This sounded to me like she is one they never could say ‘no’ to Casey before and now that they have had enough of her BS it is too late. They blew up with each other and Casey took it out on Caylee to hurt them. Now Conway is claiming that the police don’t believe that there are any other suspects in Caylee’s death but he says there is reason to believe that other people were involved. “I think there’s a lot of facts out there being held back by the defense and rightfully so,” said Conway. “All those will come out at the trial. So I think people’s opinions will change.” I think if there was anyone else involved it was after she killed Caylee and that was to help her dispose of the body.

I sincerely doubt anyone would change their mind. After all this time if there was some way Casey could have gotten off this by giving us proof she didn’t do it they would have done it by now. She would not be giving up her freedom all this time (not to mention all the time added between now and the actual time of the trial). What are we going to hear, that Casey didn’t do this, her mother or father or brother did it and she is only protecting them until she goes to trial, then she is going to turn on them? Or are we going to hear that Caylee did it herself playing? Or is she going to tell us it was an accident and she got scared? OK I could have accepted that when this first happened had she called 911 right away but now, a year later, is too late to be calling it an accident. She has destroyed lives along her path and now they want us to believe anything she says? That is BS too. As for her bozo lawyer, well I don’t believe anything that man says either. I don’t believe anything any of them say.

Baez is as much a liar as Cindy, George and Casey Anthony are. I say when all this is over and they find her guilty of first degree murder and put her on death row, they should put the whole family and even Baez in the jail cell with her and make them all stay together until the day they pull the plug on her. They should all pay for what has happened now. Someone needs to show these people they are not royalty that can’t be touched. They play on this sympathy roll from people to get what the hell they want and I think it is time for that to stop. I don’t think I am the only one that thinks this way either.

I still keep you in my prayers Caylee. I keep praying that one day you will get the justice that you so rightly deserve. God Bless You Sweetie!

Jan Barrett

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