Casey Anthony’s 2 year old daughter disappeared in mid June and Casey claims that Zanny the Nanny oops (according to George we must pronounce and spell this right), I mean ‘Zany’. Casey named the so called ‘Zany’ as Zenaida Gonzalez.

A Zenaida Gonzalez from Kissimmee Florida has filed a civil suit against Casey Anthony for defamation, claiming that this has damaged her reputation since she carries the same name. She says she has lost her job and her life as been ruined because of all this.

Today George and Cindy Anthony, Caylee’s grandparents, appeared for a deposition with Gonzalez’s attorney. It all went downhill from there in my opinion. Everyone has waited on this day and to be honest I don’t think there were too many surprises by the Anthony’s answers. I do believe that they have come to the conclusion that they are actually royalty and that they do not have to do anything if they decide not to. On several occasions George Anthony threatened to walk out because he didn’t like the way things were going, like it was up to him. He even told the attorney if he said the word ‘remains’ one more time he was walking out. He seemed to have this idea that he can run the show.

What gets me is they both seem to forget what they had told detectives back in July and August about this so called Nanny. I remember seeing one video where George said that Caylee never spoke of a Nanny. He even claimed he gave her hints one time trying to see if she would say anything about a Nanny and she never gave him any clue that there was a Nanny. I suppose he was trying to find out at one time who was watching Caylee for Casey when they weren’t.

Another thing that really didn’t shock me was when Cindy tried to say that Jesse Grund was the one that came up with the word Zany or Nanny. She claims Casey always called her the babysitter. Cindy also slipped in there that she thinks the word Zany was a code word for either Jesse Grund or Amy Huizenga. I was waiting for one of them to come out with something like this one to try and make it look like they were a part of all this.

OK now I am confused here on another thing. How can both Cindy and George positively say that the Zenaida Gonzalez that is suing their daughter is NOT the same Zenaida Gonzalez that Casey said took Caylee? If neither one of them have ever seen the one that supposedly watched Caylee how can they possibly claim this one is definitely not the same one. I can’t remember the exact words he used but he described the Zenaida that Casey talked about was rated as a #10 and she was a lot prettier than this Zenaida. Now I wasn’t born yesterday. I’d like to know how he can say such a positive statement as that if he has never seen this woman before. I think John Morgan and his attorneys should be asking about this one.

There was an allegation surfaced yesterday that Casey’s brother Lee Anthony had tried to pressure her into having sex with him. In a newly released interview with Jesse Grund and the investigators, Grund claims that Casey told him that her brother had made sexual advances towards her before. This information prompted the FBI to order Lee Anthony to take a paternity test which later proved that he was not Caylee’s father. I have to admit as disgusting as it sounds I myself once considered that as a possibility. I was relieved to hear that he wasn’t the father though. That little girl was too precious to be a product of incest.

Grund also told the investigators, “Cindy confided in him that the reason, he thought, she felt that Casey ran off was there was a big fight between the two of them, and the fight concerned Casey not being home a lot and not bringing Caylee by. It got into a very heated argument which turned physical and Cindy started choking Casey.” I guess with testimony such as this is why the Anthony’s are trying to make Jesse look like he may have had something to do with Caylee’s disappearance.

According to WESH 2 News  they have confirmed that there are three Florida Bar complaints against the sleazebag, Jose Baez, the attorney that Casey Anthony hired to represent her. The Bar Association will not confirm it nor will they deny that one of the complaints actually came from none other than Judge Stan Strickland himself. This is the same judge hearing the case in Orlando. I’d love to high 5 this judge if this is true. Someone needs to put Baez and his whole team in there place and show them that they are not special and as they want everyone else to do they too have to follow the rules. I say Baez needs to quit whining about every little thing and get on with the important things in this case. He needs to quit wasting tax payer’s money. If it comes out in court that he knew his client was guilty and still spent all this money buying time for his client then he and his whole team should be held in contempt and force them to pay back every dime they spent of the tax payer’s money.

I wish this case would go to court and get it over with and little Caylee Anthony can finally get the justice she so rightly deserves. I know everyone doesn’t share my opinion about the Anthony’s but I feel they have turned their backs on Caylee. I feel that they have gotten the taste of the profits they can make on this child’s death and now they can’t turn back. Everyone thinks that the Anthony’s actually believe their daughter’s story but I don’t. I think they are pretending to believe her so they can go on with this new adventure of theirs. How can they possibly get supporters for this new business of theirs to help find missing children if it comes out that their daughter did this for sure (which there is no doubt at all in my mind that she did it) That won’t look so good on them. So they have to fight to defend her and find the right trick to convince potential jurors that she is innocent. Of course this is only my opinion but I strongly believe this.

As for Casey Anthony! She will get her day in court and I wish I could be there to see the expression on her face when the jury finds her guilty of first degree murder. She is so sure right now that she will get out free that this will blow her mind. I am willing to bet the tears will start immediately when they say “GUILTY”, naturally because it will all be about her, not that precious baby that she took away from this world.

Caylee I know you are looking down at us and I know you are in a better place right now. I just want you to know that there are a lot of people out here that will never forget you. Yes out lives go on but sweetie we will never ever forget you. God bless you!

Jan Barrett

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