We all know what this is all about. Unfortunately it all started with a little girl who disappeared. Her mother, Casey Anthony is being charged with the murder of her little 2 year old daughter, Caylee Anthony even though she claimed the ‘Nanny’ took her. The problem is that Casey decided not to report her daughter missing until 31 days later, when her mother, Cindy Anthony finally called 911.

Casey did nothing but lead authorities on wild goose chases once Caylee’s disappearance was reported. She lied to them and then got mad when they tried getting the truth out of her. None of the Anthony family wanted to cooperate once the evidence started coming in that pointed towards their precious Casey. They turned their back on everyone once they found someone stop believing Casey’s lies, including the one man that sprung Casey from jail on bail, Leonard Padilla, when not another single soul on earth would, or the man Cindy Anthony herself called to help find Caylee, Tim Miller of Texas Equusearch. When she saw that Tim’s organization was also looking for a dead Caylee she didn’t want that and when he refused to call off the search she got mad and totally turned against him making a total spectacle of herself.

In December the remains (yes George Anthony I DID call it her REMAINS) were found on an empty lot about a quarter of a mile from George and Cindy Anthony’s home. I stress that I am calling it her remains because that is what was left of this adorable little girl. Her body had been stuffed inside a laundry bag with her mouth covered with duct tape and then she was shoved inside a garbage bag and thrown in the woods like she was trash being thrown out. Her little body lay out in those woods through the hurricane, the rain and the heat all alone for months. She didn’t have her grandparents there to protect her or a loving mother holding her to protect her. She was thrown there and forgotten. By the time an Orlando meter reader discovered her body, she was all alone. Typing this at this moment chokes me up and brings tears to my eyes.

George and Cindy Anthony had been known for loving it being in front of the cameras. They complained about the media but yet the pair of them were constantly throwing themselves in front of that same media camera for something or another. Although once Caylee’s remains were found they have been keeping quiet. No press releases, no mingling with press members making statements, no fighting with the public… no nothing.

Suddenly we hear the shocking news that Talk Show Queen Oprah Winfrey has scheduled the Anthony’s to appear on her show in May during Sweeps Week for an exclusive interview. It would mark the first interview since Caylee’s ‘remains’ had been found. Then last night it was announced that Oprah has canceled the show with the Anthony’s after George and Cindy decided to speak first to CBS’s Early Show instead.

Oprah’s team had previously announced that the interview with the Anthony’s would be an exclusive interview being the first one given since Caylee’s remains were found. A spokesman for Oprah says now they have scrapped the chat. Needless to say this has pleased a lot of people that were begging Oprah not to have the Anthony’s on her show. Too many worried that Oprah would let them get away with carrying on their campaign to defend their daughter as if they have forgotten all about little Caylee.

This morning they aired part one of the interview on the Early Show on CBS. I didn’t watch the show because to be honest watching them stand in front of the cameras only answering questions to defend their brat spoiled daughter and not about how they lied on the deposition questions while under oath makes my stomach turn literally. Nothing in honor of defending their granddaughter was mentioned.

On this morning’s show they told reporter Maggie Rodriguez that they don’t think Casey should accept a plea deal even now that the prosecutors have announced that they are going after the death penalty. My question is WHO offered her a plea deal anyway? What makes them think there is even an offer to be made? What makes them think the state doesn’t have enough evidence to send their daughter to her death in this without a plea deal? God they make me so sick.

We can’t think about what’s to come, said Cindy Anthony told Rodriguez when asked what they thought about the death penalty being put back on the table. “She hasn’t even had her trial yet. Casey is presumed innocent and you know we can’t think about that right now.”

“I don’t really believe that her defense team is going to do anything to jeopardize anything in the future for her,” said George. “So we have to wait and see what plays out. I don’t believe that’s going to happen.”

When the Anthony’s were asked if they would encourage Casey to accept a plea deal, they both said no.

“Absolutely not,” said Cindy. “I don’t think Casey will take a plea deal. Casey is not going to admit for something she hasn’t done. We love our daughter. We stand by her. We know what kind of mother she was.”

George came back with, “I don’t think it’s possible for my daughter to hurt anyone. And she wouldn’t definitely hurt her own child. I mean, my gosh, I’ve seen the love every single day that she had for her. She took care of her being with us. So I mean she wouldn’t hurt her,” George got all choked up when saying that but one might wonder if it is because he feels guilty for lying like that, knowing Casey is not innocent at all and wasn’t such a good mother after all. I wouldn’t be surprised if he hadn’t rehearsed that answer over and over after being told by Cindy what to say.

Rodriguez asked Cindy directly why she told authorities that her daughter’s car smelled like a dead body had been in it. Brad Conway answered it but only after Cindy hesitated. “Maggie, those are issues that are going to come up at trial. And they’re anxiously awaiting that. And there’s been so much pretrial publicity that’s going to effect the ultimate outcome and her ability to get a fair trial. So the questions that have to do with the statements that they gave, they want to wait and tell the truth in front of a jury and let a jury decide.”

Now this sounds to me like they seem to think they can tell all their lies right now but once they are sitting in front of a jury they can say something else and they think the jury will say ok now they must be telling us the truth. They must think they can lie, lie, lie and lie even more but when the final one that actually counts we are suppose to believe them? RIGHT! Tell me another one. I wouldn’t believe them if they turned blue while begging me to now.

“She’s presumed innocent,” said Cindy talking about Casey. “I think the truth will come out at the trial and that’s what we have to wait for. You know the defense is going to do their job. We’re confident that they’re going to do their job. And you know they’ll be able to see for themselves that it’s… there’s more to it.”

Tomorrow morning the second half of this interview airs on CBS’s Early Show. If you can stomach watching the Anthony’s then so be it. Personally I think CBS should be boycotted for airing such garbage. Like I said I didn’t watch the show, but I bet there wasn’t much was said about poor little forgotten Caylee. Caylee should have been the topic of the show. Not the defense of Casey Anthony. Do they even remember that their little granddaughter’s life was taken at the hands of their maniac daughter? Oh yeah I forgot they think the brat could never hurt anyone especially her own child.

My prayers include Caylee Anthony every night. I do pray that she doesn’t feel too bad as she sits in heaven looking down and seeing her family and how they are acting. Caylee some may seem to have forgotten that your life was taken which started all this. You are one popular little girl right now but I must admit, I would rather see you playing and being the happy child you appeared to be in your pictures and videos and alive rather than being known as the precious baby girl that was killed by your own mother and that your grandparents and uncle defended your killer rather than defend your honor.

The public speaks out for you Caylee and they will continue doing so until your receive the justice you deserve. We love you Caylee Marie. God bless you honey!

Jan Barrett

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