Now what are the Anthony’s up to? Once again it is always someone else that is guilty. Sorry, but I don’t believe anything that comes from any of the Anthony’s anymore even when it comes from their attorney’s.

Now they are claiming that while George and Cindy Anthony were doing their smiling interviews on national TV when they talked about how their daughter is innocent and how she is the victim, the man they hired as their spokesman, Larry Garrison quietly pocketed $6500 according to their lawyer, Mark NeJame.

Garrison has denied all charges that he made any money at all on the Anthony’s since he began representing them. NeJame claims that Garrison was paid by NBC according to an invoice and email released to the newspaper.

NeJame claims that the family is hurt beyond belief and they seem to feel as though Garrison was pimping them out so they have fired him.

Will someone give me a break here? I smell a setup if I never have before. I wouldn’t be afraid to bet that they were the ones that received the money and it leaked out so they had to make it look like it was Garrison that did it to keep them clear in all of this. We all know that the Anthony’s were not rolling in money. Let’s face it they are supposedly just the average American family. Are they both working now? I don’t see when they would have time to work. Where are they getting the money to survive? Not that it is any of my business and to be honest I could care less if they do or if they don’t have a fat bank account as long as they aren’t making money off their missing granddaughter.

I just think that something sounds fishy here.

The invoice and email states that Garrison was paid for photos which even NeJame claims Garrison didn’t have. I mean duh! Who would be the likely ones that would have those photos to begin with? They probably used Garrison’s name so they wouldn’t be caught. NeJame said that Garrison supposedly told NBC not to tell the Anthony’s about his arrangements.

“My clients, George and Cindy Anthony, were in my opinion, sold out,” said NeJame. “They … were walked into a snake pit completely unbeknownst to them.”  He says the Anthony’s have denied making any money off of Caylee’s disappearance.

Well all I got to say about that is B S!! (Simon said I can’t use the correct words even though I say it doesn’t sound right unless I spell it out) NBC and ABC have admitted to paying licenses fee for photos which they say is their standard procedures but neither of them would tell who they paid those fees too. NeJame says “It has to stop and these people need to be exposed.” Well Mr. NeJame if that happens then your clients will be exposed.

When Garrison was asked about this, he told the Sentinel that the invoice shows his company’s fax number, California address and his signature as well, but he says it is a fabrication. “Someone is playing games here,” Garrison said.

Cindy Anthony says in a phone interview this morning, “It’s bad enough with everything else I’m going through. I never agreed to go on any shows for money. I was told numerous times that nobody was making any money.”  (I guess she was asking for some to be told that huh?)

NeJame said that Garrison was fired but Garrison claims he resigned “due to the erratic behavior of the Anthony family over the last two months.”

Tim Miller however does surprise me. I have to admit I am having a hard time figuring him out. One time you hear about him insisting that Caylee is dead now and he swears to look for her until they find her. And yet every time Cindy Anthony goes around him he seems to change his tune.

Now he has been reportedly talking with the Sentinel along with NeJame about their disgust for people they say have exploited the Anthony’s, their daughter Casey and their granddaughter Caylee. 

Now tell me, is this the same Tim Miller that Cindy Anthony yelled at swearing she would never talk to him again when he was in Orlando looking for a dead Caylee and not a live Caylee? What is up with Tim Miller? Does Cindy Anthony have something on this man? He seems to go back and forth with his feelings about this case. He is all for looking for Caylee in the swamps  before a search starts and once he is back in Orlando and the search begins, Cindy Anthony gets hold of him where no one hears their conversations and the next thing we know Tim is pulling his search team out once again.

I seem to recall him saying at one time they were going to come to Orlando and look for Caylee and they were not going to stop looking until they find her but as soon as Cindy went over to him while they were at Blanchard Park, the next we hear is that Equusearch will be pulling out once again. Then he blasted Leonard Padilla for staying with his divers swearing that he checked those waters and there was no body there. So what! It wasn’t his money Padilla was using to pay for those divers. Why should Miller object? Was it because he was nervous about something Cindy told him? I think there is more to this story than any of us are hearing. At least Padilla wasn’t giving up.

I have high blood pressure problems and every time I read about this case or hear about it on TV I can feel it going up because I get so mad. Perhaps I am more involved than I should be but I know I am not alone here. A lot of people that have never met the Anthony’s are like me. They feel the same way. We all need this to end. I say to Mark NeJame, you are right this needs to stop, but I don’t mean what he meant, I mean this circus has to stop with the Anthony’s. They need to make that little brat of theirs start talking. They need to stop treating Casey as if she was a celebrity and put her in with the other inmates. They would get her to talk and save all of us taxpayers a lot of money not to mention it would settle all the questions in this case. We just want to know where little Caylee is and make sure the responsible person for what happened to her to pay for it.

Caylee we love you sweetheart. May God be with you honey. I know you have your little angel wings now. You are in a better place now.

Jan Barrett

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