Thursday Night Tim Miller was a guest on CNN’s Nancy Grace Show. He made a statement saying he was furious with Cindy Anthony after what he said was a lack of cooperation. reports Tim Miller as saying, “I’m pissed off. I feel as though we have been used in this and we are not getting any cooperation. We have done everything Cindy Anthony has asked us to do.”

When Cindy Anthony heard this on Nancy Grace she released a statement Thursday.

Leonard Padilla and Tim Miller came to me under false pretenses – both claiming their sole purpose to find Caylee alive. Tim Miller misrepresented his intentions and is falsely accusing me of not cooperating with him, when it is evident his motives were to obtain publicity for his organizations at the expense of exploiting my granddaughter’s disappearance. Tim Miller tried to discredit Kid Finder’s Network by falsely stating that they tried to pull out of the search for Caylee. Mr. Miller also claims that he spent 12 hours in my home with my family including Casey when in fact he spent only a few hours total with me and minutes with Casey. This is an example of Tim Miller following in Leonard Padilla’s footsteps. Although I feel his organization has a purpose, his misrepresentation has tainted the effort of so many people with good intentions. I would have expected Tim Miller to speak with me one on one, rather than me hearing him on Nancy Grace.

Tim Miller responded to Cindy’s statement saying, “This is about Caylee, period, the end. And I would hope if something has happened to Caylee, I would hope Cindy would want us out here finding her body too. If Cindy wants us to stop looking for her body, guess what – we are not going to.”

Another message was sent to Cindy Anthony on Wednesday from Orange County Sheriff Kevin Beary. “Cindy Anthony was on national TV demanding an apology from the sheriff’s office, Local 5’s Louis Bolden said at a news conference. “It won’t happen,” Beary responded with a chuckle. “It won’t happen. We are doing out job. What we need is credible information especially from her daughter and that is a message I send back to her.”

This really gets to me. Cindy Anthony sounds crazier and crazier every day if you ask me. Why doesn’t she take some of this anger and shove it in her daughter’s face to make her start talking instead of lashing out at innocent people that she seems to think are only after getting her precious little brat behind bars for good.

Tim Miller tried his best Wednesday night on Nancy Grace to show no disrespect to the Anthony’s. Cindy Anthony phoned into the show and voiced her say on the subject of her not cooperating with Miller.  So I was not surprised one bit about his comeback Thursday night. If Cindy wants to find her granddaughter she should be a little more thankful for the help she is getting instead of insisting on having it all her way.

The main focus here should be on finding Caylee but they sure are making it hard to do that. Casey’s actions only make people mad. I as a mother of two and a grandmother also of two and one on the way, I can understand being frustrated. The reason the public have been so outraged in this case is because of Cindy Anthony’s own daughter, the mother of little Caylee, Casey Anthony. Cindy keeps saying Caylee is alive. There is not one person I know of that doesn’t wish that too but the evidence is stacking up against that theory and their changing the facts at their convenience is not working anymore.

I say, Cindy get off your ass and make that brat of yours tell what happened to Caylee so she can be brought home whether it be alive or dead. Everyone needs some closure here, especially the one that matters the most, Caylee Marie Anthony. May God be with you Caylee where ever you are.

Jan Barrett

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