Cindy Anthony, Caylee Marie Anthony’s grandmother went on NBC’s Today Show this morning and said that the deputies made a huge mistake in arresting her daughter, Casey, so quickly according to

Casey Anthony was arrested Wednesday after she told a string of lies to authorities about the events that were happening concerning the 2 year old child’s disappearance. She says if her daughter wasn’t in jail now she could be out there helping them find Caylee.

“I know Casey knows who has her, but doesn’t know where they are right now,” says Cindy Anthony.

Casey’s attorney claims to have some insight on the disappearance of Caylee and he says he knows the reason Casey told authorities all the lies but couldn’t disclose what the reasons were at this time.

Detectives have been searching for little Caylee for about a week now with no new developments as of Sunday. A spokesman for the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, Carlos Padilla said, “Nothing concrete has come in. We need to regroup and get our thoughts together.”

The two year old child was reported missing last week but the mother, Casey Anthony, says she hasn’t seen her daughter sine June 9. Numerous tips have come in with some reports that she was sighted in Dade and Brevard Counties and in Virginia but Padilla says those tips didn’t come up with anything.

Cindy Anthony apparently told TV reporters that her daughter received a call from the little girl Tuesday but when Casey asked Caylee to put an adult on the phone the line went dead. Authorities find this mysterious call odd since she never told them that before. “At this point, we don’t know that to be true,” said Padilla. “That never came up. To my knowledge, that wasn’t brought up when the investigation started.”

Authorities say that help from Caylee’s mother would be a big help in finding her but she has done nothing to help in locating the child yet. They still haven’t given up hopes of finding Caylee alive though.

I for one hope she is alive and safe somewhere and I pray that she is found soon.

Jan Barrett

UPDATE: also reports that The Kid Finder’s Network, a West Palm Beach non profit has agreed to donate a 14 foot long and six foot high photo of Caylee in a billboard to the family in hopes of helping to find Caylee. Co-founder Sherri Milstead and her husband Dennis are planning on being in the Orlando area tomorrow around 10 am and are planning on visiting the Anthony home in Lee Vista as their first stop.

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