Caylee Anthony has been missing now 25 long weeks and thousands of people from across the world have opened their hearts for this child since she disappeared. Well ok not since she disappeared but rather since she was reported missing. She went missing in mid June but her mother Casey Anthony didn’t think it was appropriate enough to report the child missing until her mother Cindy Anthony forced her to.

They had their regular prayer vigil Sunday night and apparently George and Cindy Anthony managed to stay away from the reporters afterwards but it was reported that they weren’t quiet inside as they talked with supporters that attended the vigil. (Cindy knew what she had to say would get out to the media of course.)

Cindy found it fit to announce that she plans to cook Thanksgiving dinner because she has a lot of things to be thankful for. The Anthony’s spokesperson claims this has been a tough week for the Anthony. Michelle Bart says Sundays are a good time saying that they have had a lot of people come out and attend the prayer vigils that they don’t even know. .

They state that the week has been tough because of the recent release of the FBI tapes that have Cindy and George’s interviews on them. The interviews were a total of 5 hour long tapings. They say these interviews are not always so flattering for their family. (I guess not. When they listen to them they probably could kick themselves for what they told authorities. It is kind of late now to change their stories once they have their own interviews recorded.) Cindy Anthony made the statement to their supporters that the FBI didn’t even tell them they were being recording. She says the FBI doesn’t care about them.

Cindy Anthony is also telling their supporters that the reason the law enforcement has stopped looking for Caylee is because if they don’t stop it could ruin the prosecution’s case against Casey. She says it is ok if law enforcement doesn’t search for Caylee anymore because they are still looking for them. (Exactly when are George and Cindy going to physically go out and look for Caylee though?)

Cindy Anthony brought up the fact that the picture of a little girl in a Florida Mall last Sunday was given to the media but the release of the FBI tapes on Friday overshadowed the picture. Her argument that it could still be Caylee is that no one has come forth and said that it was their daughter and not Caylee. (It is my opinion that Kid Finder’s is behind this photo. For some reason every time the prosecution releases information to the public they come out with a supposedly sighting of Caylee. I looked at that photo and yes there is some similarity but even I can tell that is not Caylee)

The Anthony’s were urging their supporters to call the media and ask them to put more emphasis on the search for Caylee and less focus on other parts of this story. (I suppose they mean by this is not to focus on blaming their brat daughter for the murder of that precious little girl)

I have to admit if this were my grandchild I too would probably not want to give up on the idea that she could still be alive. I am not saying that they should yet. Cindy Anthony doesn’t want anyone looking for a dead Caylee though. She tries to say they can do what they want but every time someone tries she interferes yet she doesn’t want anyone interfering in what they choose to do. Hey Cindy, you can’t have your way all the time. The public is not your husband that you tell what he can or can’t do or your son or daughter that you have ruled all their life. We are not afraid of Cindy Anthony like your family is.

It is very clear who the boss in that family is. In the interviews released George Anthony talked about his instincts. FBI Agent Scott Balin asked him what held him back if they were telling him something was awry. George’s response was, “My wife telling me to calm down, you’re not a detective anymore. The agent point blank asked George if he thought Casey was hiding something and his answer was yes. “It boils down to this, my daughter knows what’s going on and she’s not saying a word. It boils down to all that,” he said. “We keep going round and round … and it’s frustrating.”

Personally I think out of all the Anthony’s George has been the most truthful but I do find that to be true when he is alone. When Cindy is with him he acts like a different man and she watches every thing he says almost as though she is afraid he is going to tell something that they don’t want the law enforcement or the public to know that could hang her daughter.

Meanwhile our favorite California Bounty Hunter could be going back to Orlando to start the search once again. He says he has raised more than $50,000 to help finance the search and he plans to return to search for little Caylee’s remains. Leonard Padilla is thoroughly convinced that Caylee was dumped in the river and he is going back to continue the search there.

He said he wants to search the bottom of the river with divers using sifting screens. He said those screens would allow water and sand to seep through but not things like toys, plastic bags and human teeth. In other words like things that an alligator won’t eat. When speaking of people calling him crazy, Padilla says, “A lot of people might think exactly that, but I’ve been a voice in the wilderness before. I have some money now… in the neighborhood of $50,000 pledged.” He says he is certain that he can raise $250,000 and be back by early January.

Apparently Padilla has been doing his homework because he says he has been assured by experts that some human remains and other evidence could still be in the river even though it has been this long since Caylee disappeared. “In checking with people that know alligators, they won’t eat plastic stuff, garbage bags and they will not eat teeth,” said Padilla.

Padilla stated that he doesn’t know when the lie detector test that law enforcement asked him to take will happen. He does however deny planting any evidence in the river two weeks ago. I bet Cindy Anthony and Kid Finders have complained that he did. Tim Miller and Padilla are having their outs and I blame that on Cindy Anthony also. I find it mighty funny that every time Tim Miller was in town he was all for finding Caylee and not leaving before they did but as soon as Cindy talked to him he was pulling out and leaving town again. And now his words insinuated that Padilla planned all that. I don’t think he did, I think the Anthony’s just wanted every one to think he did to throw off the search because they were afraid Padilla would find something that they don’t want to see. If they find Caylee’s remains that would cut Kid Finders off and they can’t make any more money off her missing. (But then again that is all only my opinion)

I say more power to Padilla no matter what his reasons are. If he wants to search for her that is ok. And if he gains fame and fortune for finding her well more power to him again, he would deserve it for accomplishing something no one else could do. So Leonard Padilla you keep on looking. I wish you were reading this right now because Simon and I would love to have you as our guest on one of our radio shows to talk with us about this case. I for one would love to discuss it with you.

So for now we can only sit back and wait. Until then little Caylee is having fun in heaven with all the other little children and I know in my heart she is being taken care of and she is safe. Jesus loves the children. God Bless you and all the others Caylee. We love you!

Jan Barrett

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