Give me a break!

Now I have heard everything. I am sorry but normally yes I would feel a great deal of sympathy if I heard about anyone being so depressed that they wouldn’t want to live. In this day and time so many threaten suicide as a means of getting attention which I honestly think the Anthony’s are doing now. In part one’s interview with CBS’s Early Show George Anthony talked about his suicide thoughts. I still says show me the proof that the man actually swallowed those pills and then MAYBE I MIGHT believe he actually thought about it. Now I almost choked when I got word of what is set for tomorrow’s final part of this so called interview on the Early Show.

Cindy Anthony is quoted as saying, “I couldn’t bear not having Caylee around and now knowing what happened to her. You get to a point when you miss someone so much that you think life’s not worth living.”

Now Cindy Anthony is looking for pity from the world by telling Maggie Rodriguez that she has thought about ending her own life too.

Come on now give me a break. Cindy Anthony is in love with herself too much to even consider trying such a thing. The woman is way too vain to contemplate something like that.

I knew there was a reason for this interview and it darn sure wasn’t to help find justice for their precious granddaughter, Caylee. They are seeking out sympathy from the public by pretending that they are devastated enough from losing their granddaughter, so much so that they thought about killing themselves and now if the state takes away their daughter they simply can not handle it. Yes as a parent myself and grandmother I know that would be heart breaking. I can only imagine how devastated I would be if I were in their shoes. To hear them talk it is as if they think that just because they lost Caylee, now they are begging the people and courts NOT to take the one person that is more than likely responsible for killing their granddaughter away from them too. That is such a load of bull.

I am NOT buying it. I can not feel sorry for these people. Do they really think Casey should get away with murder? How can they possibly expect the judge to let her off the hook for killing Caylee just so George and Cindy won’t have to go through anymore pain?

OK I can’t say they didn’t hurt in the beginning over Caylee being gone. I think they just eventually accepted it and decided they can’t bring her back so they needed to focus on finding a way to get Casey out of this. The only way they could think of is to play on everyone’s heart by making everyone feel sorry for them. Now all they can think about is defending Casey and getting her off this charge of first degree murder.

Another thing I don’t understand is that if they are so sure that their daughter is so innocent how come they aren’t out there spending all this money that they are spending on airfare and motel rooms now and look for a killer. If Casey didn’t do it, then someone did. How come they aren’t out searching for them? If it were my daughter and I sincerely thought she was innocent then I would be out there day and night looking for the one that did kill my granddaughter. Tell me Cindy and George Anthony how come you aren’t doing that. I can answer that myself though. It is because there is NO ONE else responsible. Blaming Jesse or Amy is not going to work. Try pointing the finger at the real guilty one, Casey Anthony and quit trying to help defending her with your lies and deception.

I still say lock them all up and put them together in that single cell and make them live with each other that close everyday. We can all sit back and watch them drive each other crazy and save the tax payers a lot of money.

Caylee Anthony, if we have our way you WILL get the justice you rightfully deserve!

Jan Barrett

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