The woman just loves being in front of that camera. This time she appeared on The Good Morning America Show joining them in New York live from Orlando this morning. She accuses everyone of not looking enough for Caylee. She says it isn’t about anybody but Caylee yet she gets on TV to defend her daughter.

Chris Cuomo mentioned to Cindy about the defense team asking for the death penalty not to be pursued because Casey has been under emotional stress. He wanted to know if she could shed some light on Casey’s emotions.  She says, “Casey’s been a victim in this as well. Casey’s grieving for her daughter.” She said Casey was a wonderful mother. There is no one that has every come forward and said she wasn’t. I would think that this would be what Casey’s lawyers would NOT want Cindy to be saying on national TV since they apparently are planning to go for trying to prove that Casey was suffering from postpartum depression since she gave birth to Caylee.

Cindy also said that “you know this child, everybody in America, anybody that has seen videos of Caylee, just still pictures of her, Caylee has captured their hearts. So why is it so unbelievable that someone wouldn’t want to take Caylee as their own?”

She told Chris Cuomo “There is no evidence that she’s dead. There’s no reason that I should believe that Caylee’s not alive at this point, and I’m going to continue to look for her until we bring her home safely.”

She complained that there was never an Amber Alert put out for Caylee but I mean like duh! Maybe there would have been had she been reported missing immediately like normal families do. She wants to blast the police for this too.

“The bottom line is we felt as a family within a week that no one was actually giving Caylee a hundred percent effort and looking for her. We find that to be true everyday,” she said. “It’s not about anybody except this 3-year old little girl who deserves every single day to be looked for.”

Well how come she isn’t out there looking instead of sitting in front of that camera telling everyone her daughter is innocent. She says they got a tip that Caylee was seen in Gainesville, Florida in a supermarket. She said she and George went there and the police are investigating it. OK so how come they aren’t still there? I guess she had to return back to Orlando so she wouldn’t miss her chance to be on the Good Morning America Show and we all know how important that is to Cindy Anthony. Hell if I thought there was a chance that my granddaughter was there especially after missing this long I wouldn’t leave unless I knew for sure it wasn’t her.

Cindy mentioned that a gag order has been requested to bar attorneys on both sides in the case, the Orange County sheriff’s investigators and the parents of the mother from making any statements to the media about the case involving Casey’s first degree murder charges. A hearing was scheduled to take place today at 1:30 p.m. but due to a scheduling conflict it was canceled. A new hearing date will take place at a later date.

Leonard Padilla hired a dive team today to search the waters of the Little Econ River in Blanchard Park today. While they were making a dive Cindy and George Anthony showed up and confronted Leonard Padilla. They claim the reason they were there was because they were told that Padilla was planning on a memorial service for Caylee there tomorrow morning. Cindy did most of the talking saying, “It’s not 100 percent conclusive. You guys aren’t doing any good for Caylee. If you want to put your divers in there fine but you’re not holding a memorial service for my granddaughter.” After that they didn’t have much to say except that they are upset at Padilla’s plans. “To me it’s defamatory against us as a family. There is a little girl out there alive,” said George Anthony.

Padilla told reporters that the Anthony’s have not changed his mind. “Why’s she worried about this memorial service tomorrow? Would she rather think of her as not knowing where her granddaughter ended up? She ended up right here, her daughter put her here.”

One of the searchers from Equusearch team found a cross on a tree in August hanging by the jungle gym at the park. She took a picture of it and compared it with the bead work on a cross with a picture from an arts and crafts kit that was taken from Casey’s house and the two matched each other. When a search team went back and looked again they found some more beading on the ground where the cross had been hung.

Padilla thinks Casey could have dumped little Caylee’s body into the water since Casey had mentioned Blanchard Park three different times.

Tim Miller told WFTV that he doesn’t believe Caylee’s body will ever be found but says he has been wrong before. He said his group was neglecting other families that sincerely need their help. He also told WKMG-Channel 6 “I’ve gotten angry at how much money we’ve spent. It doesn’t have to be like this. There’s possibly a person out there that could have eliminated this a long time ago. We’re into this right now for right at a $100,000.”

Of course we all know he was referring to Casey Anthony, Caylee’s 22 year old mother that is being held without bond for first degree murder in the Orange County Jail. If she was talking, a lot of money would not have been spent on this case. It could have been used on someone that has really needs it..

Well they still haven’t found our little angel but at least they are trying. Please let’s all say our prayers day and night that this little girl is found so justice can finally be served. God Bless you Caylee Marie Anthony. America loves you honey!

Jan Barrett

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