Caylee Anthony disappeared in mid June, and as everyone knows by now, her mother, Casey Anthony didn’t bother to report her missing for 31 days. Instead as we clearly see now from video clips and pages and pages of documented files that Casey wasn’t exactly playing the role of a desperate mother looking for her little girl. Although she tried telling authorities and even her parents when she was asked why she waited so long to report this that she was looking for Caylee on her own.

Well I don’t know much about Florida laws but I doubt very seriously if the law would allow a 2 year old child to hang out in clubs where people drink and women dance on poles yet there are pictures showing Casey in these places after her daughter was missing. Now we see video clips of her on her shopping spree at the Target in Orlando buying beer, lingerie, white sunglasses and groceries but yet not one single item bought was for a child.

I am getting old and my eyesight isn’t what it use to be but I am sure I was correct when I said she sure didn’t look like a grieving mother to me that was filled with worry trying to find her daughter. My son was 16 years old and we were in Calgary, Alberta, Canada one time and we were on a public bus. When our stop came up, he got out the side door and I got out on the front door and I couldn’t find him right away and I almost had a heart attack. The bus was about to pull off and I started beating on the door for the driver to stop because I couldn’t find my son.

When it was apparent he wasn’t still on the bus I was hysterical and started to look for a cop when I suddenly looked up and saw my son standing at the top of the flight of steps heading for the train. I remember the way that I felt thinking someone had grabbed my son. Maybe this is why I can relate to this case so much. I just can’t understand from a mother’s point of view how any woman can act this way knowing their child is missing.

When Hurricane Katrina hit my son was living with his Dad. His Dad went one way and my son was left with his friend and family and they ended up in Florida when they had to evacuate and once again I was ready to move heaven and earth to find out where my son was. Thank God he was ok and was being well taken care of but until I knew he was safe I could not rest. I drove poor Simon crazy with my pacing floors and making calls after calls (long distance too) to try and locate my son. I think I slept for two days once I knew he was ok.

OK sorry I got strayed here for a bit but I wanted to give an example of what a mother feels or should feel when they think their child is lost. My experiences were nothing to worry about fortunately but I still was worried until I knew for sure. So my point here is if Caylee had been kidnapped or taken Casey’s attitude should have been totally different if she truly cared for her daughter. She wouldn’t have been out shopping for beer and lingerie knowing her little girl was missing.

I reported the other day that the authorities have decided to take the evidence they have now before the grand jury and try to get an indictment against Casey Anthony for the murder of her daughter Caylee. claims that two members of the Anthony family now have key roles in this case. They say her brother Lee for what he didn’t want to do and her father, George for what he’s going to do.

Apparently the focus on when Caylee was murdered has been narrowed down to the afternoon on June 16 sometime between mid-day, when George Anthony last saw Caylee (alive and well) with her mother Casey and the evening when Casey went to her boyfriend’s apartment without Caylee.

According to Eyewitness News George is suppose to testify against his daughter about how in late June how Casey prevented him from going near the trunk of her car which he later found was exuded with the smell of death. “Her and I got into a little verbal, she don’t want me to go into that trunk,” he told investigators when he was being questioned about the case.

George and Cindy had voluntarily given DNA samples this week so the authorities could exclude them as the source of the hair and stain found in Casey’s car trunk, but investigators had to get a search warrant ordering DNA samples in order to get them from Casey’s brother, Lee Anthony. He had also refused to take a lie detector test when the FBI asked him to.

Meanwhile apparently The orange County Sheriff’s office will be filing charges on two protesters for misdemeanor battery after they apparently lost control and committed an act against George and Cindy Anthony.

Kathy Harris approached George when he was out asking for donations Harris is from a newly organized group called Justice for Caylee. She followed George to where he was raising funds because she wanted to know why he wasn’t out looking for his granddaughter instead of being out there asking others to do it for them. George called deputies out when things started to get out of hand.

Harried says she believes Caylee is dead and it is time to look for her and to prosecute the mother, which is who they think is responsible. “Someone just disposed of this body like it was trash and there is no justice for this baby,” said Harris.

The investigators got a video from Eyewitness News that shows one of the protesters pull George by the shirt and another push Cindy Anthony. Now both protesters are facing the misdemeanor charges which will most likely be charged today. “This is a reminder, don’t commit a battery, have control of yourself,” said Detective Freddie Sams.

Today Casey’s attorney Jose Baez is hoping he can convince Circuit Judge Stran Strickland to allow Casey to travel secretly to “places of interest” in the case to assist with the search of Caylee. He also asks that due to the sensitive nature of this motion, the Defense requests that the date and time of such travel not be public.

Casey had her chance to cooperate with investigators and she refused. In fact she had several chances but refused. So now there are only two reasons I can think of that she is asking to help now. One would be because she is going stir crazy being under house arrest and this would get her out of the house and she wouldn’t have to wear that ankle monitor anymore… or she is running scared thinking they are getting close to finding where she put Caylee’s body is so she needs to set yet another diversion to get the authorities attention so she can arrange to have the remains of Caylee’s body to get moved so they can’t be found. You can bet they are up to something.

Baez wants to portrait Casey Anthony as the poor little victim here and blames the media on why Casey hasn’t cooperated so far but that is such a crock of BS. Casey Anthony had 31 days BEFORE she reported that child missing without the media knowing anything about it and the only concern she had was to buy lingerie so she could attract a man’s attention to her instead.

God people like Jose Baez that defends people like Casey Anthony, knowing damn good and well that she is guilty makes me so sick. I wonder how he can sleep at night knowing he is working so hard to get this woman off the hook by blaming everyone but the one that is really the one responsible here.

I will be watching for the news today to see what happens and I will be reporting on it as soon as it comes out, so stay tuned. Until then please remember to say that prayer for little Caylee. She is the one suffering the most here. We love you Caylee and God be with you sweetheart.

Jan Barrett

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