Caylee Anthony has been missing since mid June and her mother Casey Anthony is in jail being held on first degree murder charges without bail. Investigators apparently have enough evidence to prove that little Caylee is no longer alive and that her mother appears to be responsible for that.

However Casey Anthony’s parents, George and Cindy Anthony have been fighting with the public and the law enforcement agents saying their daughter is innocent and Caylee is alive. Caylee’s mother has given a couple of stories about what happened to her daughter and they expect everyone to believe this liar. I for one wouldn’t believe a word that comes out of this woman’s mouth now. She has done nothing to help find her daughter. She has told lies over and over sending authorities on wild goose chases checking out her stories only for them to be proven all lies.

Equusearch from Texas was in Orlando trying to find Caylee with their search teams and the Anthony’s did nothing whatsoever to help Tim Miller and his groups during their searches. In fact Cindy Anthony has done nothing but make herself look like a fool on cameras concerning the searches. It has been said that she is the reason Equusearch pulled out and left town the last time. She was supposedly very rude to Miller so he left town.

Now Equusearch is back and they are training teams to start a new search party to start Saturday morning. They are expected to be in Orlando searching for Caylee for three or four days.

WFTV is reporting that George Anthony, Caylee’s grandfather, was seen standing and staring into the woods near Hoffner Avenue in east Orange County. They are saying that the search team could possibly be looking for Caylee in the very same place that George was seen at. The area was searched before when Equusearch was in town.

The viewer that spotted George said he was standing at the same spot early in the evening on October 30th looking into the woods. She said the area is easily accessed by car yet it is easy to disappear into and it is less than four miles from the Anthony home.  The woman said when she saw George’s car parked there around 6:15 pm and he was just staring into the woods. Then he got into his car and drove off. She thought he was just out there perhaps looking for Caylee and the information was passed on to law enforcement.

Casey Anthony’s defense team public relations representative claims they are aware of George being there and it has nothing to do with what the defense team is doing and that there might be certain things that involve the case that they can’t talk about.

The sheriff’s office says that any tips that fit into the timeline of where Casey was will be investigated and searched and according to her phone records this is one of the areas that she frequented.

Late Tuesday afternoon Cindy Anthony text message WFTV reporter Kathi Belich telling her that George was there looking for a possible location for the KidFinders tent that they take around town asking for donations and tips in the case. I guess it is just a coincident that he chose that particular spot to look. This morning it was reported that KidsFinders were supposed to be signing a lease for a permanent place for their office which was to include the Help Find Caylee command center.

On another topic in the Caylee Anthony case I read this morning where WFTV was reporting that the mysterious public relations figure Todd Black was no longer on the case with the defense team for Casey Anthony. According to the Orlando Sentinel’s TV Guy the public relations firm says that is not so. They claim on a message on their answering machine that the firm is rotating reps but Black is still on the case too.

I might not be the brightest person in the world but I find that kind of odd that before that little slip of the tongue he made on CNN’s Nancy Grace’s Show about little Caylee no longer being alive they weren’t rotating reps from that firm then. It seems mighty convenient that now they decide to change things. I don’t buy his excuse about what he said being taken out of content for one minute.

I just wish they would find Caylee soon. I will say this again though. If by some miracle this little girl is alive like the Anthony’s are claiming then all of them should be arrested for not bringing her home by now. They keep saying she will be brought home soon, so why not now instead of soon.

Casey’s attorney Jose Baez, needs to keep his hands off of Casey long enough to bring all this to an end instead of spending taxpayers money and waiting for the court date to reveal what he claims we will all be surprised to hear. He says we will all be saying “Now we understand.” I sincerely doubt that. I have no sympathy whatsoever for her. Even if she didn’t lay a finger on her daughter to cause her any harm, I would never forgive Casey Anthony for leading this investigation on this long and making everyone wait for an answer and she should be held responsible for it.

Caylee, where ever you are America waits for you to be found and we are all praying for you honey. God Bless you Caylee and all the other missing children in the world.

Jan Barrett

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