I can only imagine how much pressure that the Anthony’s have been under lately especially with the latest of the documents that were released Wednesday. Reading all those documents must be heart breaking, but would it be enough to make one break down and finally see that it is just possible that Casey Anthony could have really done this.

Thursday George was scheduled to be at a meeting but he failed to show up. His family reported him missing after they started receiving text messages from him indicating that he intended to take his life. Police tracked him down to a Motel in Daytona Beach by using the pings through his cell phone according to Daytona Police Chief Mike Chitwood.

Police found a five-page suicide note that Anthony had written with him in the motel room. Florida has what is called a Baker Act which allows the police to hold a person without their consent up to 72 hours pending a psychiatric evaluation if they think it is needed. In this case authorities thought this would be best so they took him into custody and transported him to Halifax Medical Center. Anthony was not handcuffed and he went along willingly. Orange County spokesman Carlos Padilla said “He was not arrested. He has not committed a crime.”

“The pressures and everything may have gotten to him,” Padilla said. “My heart goes out to him.”

The text messages sent to the family said he just didn’t want to live anymore. The police wouldn’t comment on what was in the suicide note left by George but Daytona Police Department spokesman Jimmie Flynt told ABC news that the letter did not raise speculation that George was in anyway involved in the murder of little Caylee.

Chitwood said when he found George he was low-key and melancholy when they talked. Chitwood said, “Anthony basically said to us, ‘You know, I just need to get away. I need to think things through.’ That is why he was there.”

This is so sad. Of course everyone wonders how Casey Anthony could possibly do this to her own daughter but now she is hurting her entire family. In the recent jailhouse visit videos released she whines to her parents that her whole life has been taken from her. I guess if she really believes that then she must have decided if she can’t have her life then she is going to take her daughter’s life and her parents and brother’s life down with her as well. That is such a selfish act. She is a low life self centered … well I better stop now or I will be saying more than I am allowed to here.

I have to say like Sean Krause said last night on the Greta Van Susteren Show. I hope Casey Anthony rots in prison for the rest of her life. Just sitting in prison is too good for her though. She should be given work duty. Make her job cleaning toilets with toothbrushes and take away her privileges like watching TV and having things like makeup and personal hygiene products to make her smell good when her nutty lawyer visits her and definitely put her in with General population. Right now she feels protected and probably loves being waited on and given special privileges. Take all that away from her because she doesn’t deserve any of it. If she yells out for the guard cover her mouth with duct tape and place a heart sticker and see how she likes it.

I do hope that justice will be served for little Caylee. I dream of this child and how she must have felt in the last hour of her life and I wake up in cold sweats crying for her. It just isn’t fair that she didn’t get a chance to live a normal and full life. I know now she is in a better place and no one will ever harm her again and that is the only thing that gives me any peace in all of this. I will be so happy when it is all over. God bless you Caylee, we love you.

Jan Barrett

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