For weeks now George and Cindy Anthony have been begging people to help find his granddaughter, 3 year old Caylee Anthony that was missing from home for about a month before anyone in the family reported it to the authorities.

We all have read and watched videos from news reports about how Caylee’s mother, Casey Anthony has done nothing but lied to the police concerning this investigation. Casey is being held in jail in Orange County, Florida on a $500,000 bail bond which her family can’t seem to raise enough money to get her out. The question is, should they? Does Casey deserve to be set free? She has done nothing to help with the investigation other than to send the police and FBI on wild goose chases to check out her stories which all end up to be nothing but lies.

She is refusing to see her family now on visitation times and they are claiming that it could possibly be because all visits are video taped and made available to the public. Is this her way of pouting and saying if she can’t have it her way she won’t have it at all? Sure sounds like it to me. She is use to getting her way with her parents.

Now after all this time George Anthony has made a statement saying, “There’s more to this saga than people are led to believe or led to realize there really is. He is trying to make the public believe now that he thinks someone has definitely kidnapped Caylee but he is refusing to say who he thinks it is. He leaves us all to believe that he has people under surveillance that he thinks could have little Caylee. “I’m not going to speculate on who I think has my granddaughter,” he said. “These people know they are being watched, they know it.” He goes on to say, “Evidence out there is circumstantial being growing up in someone’s mind. They are narrow-minded. if they don’t have a lot of intelligence in their head. If they want to be negative, they want to have a one track mind, that’s on them not on me.” Needless to say the detectives do not agree with George saying there is no evidence leading them to believe that Caylee was kidnapped.

He claims he is conducting this search on his own. How come he feels he has to do it on his own? stated him as saying, “Yeah you would think that the people who have my granddaughter right now would be smart enough to turn this girl back in to her family. I don’t want anymore of this going on,” he said.

The psychic that came in yesterday, Gale St. John, told reporters, from WFTV, that she had a vision of a lake in Orlando, surrounded by trees and flowers. She says that is where she thinks Caylee can be found but sadly she admits she doesn’t think Caylee is alive.

Casey’s brother, Lee Anthony was scheduled this morning to visit with Casey but for unknown reasons he canceled out last night.

Unfortunately we have all formed our own conclusions here. I know I have my own opinion which everyone might or might not agree with. I hope my thoughts are wrong. The one thing I think everyone agrees on is that something in this story is not right. George Anthony is a former deputy. He would know exactly how to cover up a crime if needed. He and his wife have always spoiled Casey apparently and now they seem to be covering for something she has done.

In my opinion, they are always saying they can’t say anything in fear that it would put Caylee in harm’s way. Well, if that is the case, telling the media they have the kidnappers under surveillance seems to me would be putting her in danger if what George is saying is true. Could he be doing this to distract the police away from something else that they were doing because he is fearful that their investigation could be getting too close to uncovering Casey’s crime? If all conversations with Casey has been video taped and recorded then how did George Anthony get any of this information anyway? Has he been withholding information yet again? How much is this family going to get away with? Seems to me this would be considered obstruction of justice too. Does his being a former deputy put him above breaking the law? You tell me!

Jan Barrett

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