When bombarded by reporters when he was trying to put his garbage on the curb, George Anthony apparently lost it according to wftv.com. It appears that the three weeks after Caylee was reported missing it is starting to take a toll on George Anthony’s nerves.

“I’m not talking to anybody. Stay off my property! Stay away from me. Stay away right now!” he said as he yelled at the reporters. Some members of the media has followed George around watching every move he makes sine little Caylee has been reported as missing.

“You people have no idea what we are going through. You don’t care about me. You don’t care about her. You don’t care about my granddaughter,” he shouted. “You want sensationalism. Shut up! I’m talking. I’m talking!”

Cindy Anthony came to her husband’s defense. “He’s been angry every day, you just haven’t seen it, OK? You hear something that finally comes to a head, stuff that festers. Anger has been there since day one,” she said. “Angry at the situation. Angry that Caylee is not home. Angry at a lot of things. We’re helpless.”

According to orlandosentinel.com detectives learned Monday that Cindy Anthony had taken some pants out of Casey’s car before investigators took the car that belonged to her daughter. She washed the pants because they had the same odor that smelled like that of the foul smell she smelled in the car that she then claimed to be like that of a dead body. .

Detectives working on this case say that everything that Casey Anthony has been telling them about her daughter missing just doesn’t add up. Casey’s third birthday is tomorrow, August 9, and the family is starting to realize there is a good chance she won’t be home to celebrate.

Detectives talked to the only Zenaida Gonzalez they can find that is in anyway associated with the apartment complex that Casey claims she dropped her daughter off at the last time she saw her. Gonzalez says she never lived there and only stopped there to inquire about an apartment there in June. She claims she has never met Casey or Caylee Anthony. She told Orlando CBS affiliate WKMG that this whole thing has ruined her life.

“It is not so much because they know my face, it is more or less because they know my name. And since they know my name, everywhere I go, they are insinuating that I did something wrong because my name is so much in the news,” said Gonzalez. “I haven’t been able to get a job and haven’t been bale to do much of anything because everybody is judging me by my name.”

After several interviews with Gonzalez, Orange County Sheriff’s office is convinced she is telling the truth and knows nothing about the case.

Casey Anthony’s brother, Lee Anthony was scheduled to visit with his sister at the jail house this morning but when he got there for his scheduled time at 9 am he was told by authorities that Casey was refusing to see him. Before entering the jail he stopped to talk to reporters and was asked if he thought his sister was being truthful. “To the best of her ability right now, I do,” he said to them.

Eyewitness news was told by the Orange County sheriff’s dive team that them searching the waterways near the Anthony’s home was just a part of a routine monthly training and it had nothing to do with this investigation. When one deputy asked an eyewitness news truck driver to move the truck, he told them, “It’s got nothing to do with a crime scene. It’s got everything to do with it’s against the law to park on a sidewalk period,” the official said.

Casey’s attorney has filed another motion Friday morning to the Fifth District Court of Appeals in Daytona Beach in another attempt to get Casey’s bond reduced. It wasn’t clear if the courts will make their decision Friday or if they will wait on a response from the state first.

Jan Barrett

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