It has been over a month now since little Caylee Anthony’s remains were found in the wooded area near the home of the Anthony’s. The detectives did there investigations and autopsy on her remains and then released the body letting the defense team do their own investigation. An autopsy was done weeks ago by the defense team according to Forensic Pathologist Harry Lee.

Now the public wants to know why hasn’t little Caylee been given the burial she rightly deserves. Brad Conway, George and Cindy Anthony’s attorney says it is not the Anthony’s holding this up. It is Casey’s attorney instead. Why doesn’t this surprise me?

There were rumors that they were possibly considering cremating what was left of this child because they feared that someone would just be sick enough to dig her up and steal parts of her body or something. Personally I think just to think that someone would do that is sick but that is just my opinion.

Then there were rumors that there was going to be a private service and one for the public to come pay their respect for this little angel. I can understand that. I think they should have a private service for the family to be able to say good bye to Caylee. What bothers me right now is when I read an article on I read that the Anthony’s attorney is now negotiating a private service for Caylee which would also include a jailhouse reunion with Casey Anthony.

Then I find another article from the TV Guy. He says that WESH-Channel 2 is saying now that Conway is saying that he never sought an all-out memorial service and that the reports of what was requested were exaggerated. Reporter Amanda Ober said, “He intends to request that George and Cindy Anthony be allowed to have a visit with their daughter, Casey that is not videotaped. He said the Anthony’s need a moment with Casey to acknowledge and grieve little Caylee’s death.” Conway is reported as saying that if the request is denied then that would end the issue.

Why should the rules be broken for the Anthony’s in this case? Why should they be given a chance to privately speak to Casey right now? What are they going to do, get alone with her so they can plan their next move? I personally think they would be making a huge mistake by breaking yet another rule just for the convenience of this family. What makes them special that they would deserve this? They have not even bothered to visit with Casey since she has been charged with first degree murder because they don’t want to be there with her and be recorded. So what! That is the dang rule, live with it!

How would that make the other people in that jail feel to see Casey getting all these special privileges and not them. That alone is enough to start a riot and who would be able to blame the others?

WKMG-Channel 6’s Mike DeForest reports, “Cindy and George want to see Casey and talk to her about Caylee’s death.” Yeah I bet they do. I’d want to take her by the hair of her head and force her to tell what happened if she were my kid. DeForest also said, “Sheriff’s officials are at least open to the possibility of allowing an unrecorded video visit between Casey and her parents.” He says another possibility could be that they allow the unrecorded visit as long as there is a detective monitoring the family’s conversation.

Why should the jailhouse change their rules for one little nobody that is being charged with murdering her 2 year old daughter? Just because she has a wimp for an attorney that loves whining to the courts because he doesn’t get what he wants is no reason to give in. Every time we turn around Jose Baez is filing new motions in court because he isn’t getting what he wants no matter how petty it is. Poor baby! My kids didn’t whine that much when they were babies.

Let’s hope this will go to trial in March and then Casey is found guilty and thrown in prison for life with no chances of parole. Then let them lose the key so there is no way she can ever get out. She doesn’t deserve any privileges. Where was little Caylee’s privileges when she was murdered? Who stood up for her?

Caylee thank God you are in a place now where you can no longer be hurt. The public is fighting for justice for you. Let’s pray that you will soon be finally laid to rest. Because of the public outcry at least the sale of that Caylee Doll has been stopped. Thanks everyone for standing up for Caylee’s respect which apparently worked.

Jan Barrett

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