Once investigators cleared away from the site where the remains of our little Caylee Anthony was found on December 11th, the area quickly became a memorial site for the child that America fell in love with despite warnings from the Orange County Sheriff’s office for everyone to stay away. Piles and piles of toys, balloons, books and flowers gathered up quickly at a makeshift memorial.

Caylee’s family says they are grateful for the public’s generosity but they are planning to give the stuffed animals, dolls, and toys away to a homeless shelter for children. “This is a lot of love and the love needs to go somewhere other than sitting on the ground,” says Brad Conway, attorney representing George and Cindy Anthony.

In a press conference Sunday where he was speaking on behalf of the Anthony’s he claimed that all the toys will be donated in the memory of Caylee. They will go to children in need. He says, “There are at least 88 children in several families that are homeless and they won’t really have a Christmas, but for the gifts that everybody has given to Caylee.”

He stated that Cindy Anthony said that her granddaughter would have loved to share her toys, and it would have been Caylee’s wish to send these gifts to other kids. “They know that is Caylee were here she would share these… Caylee is not here, she can’t play with these gifts but she’s looking down,” said Conway.

During the press conference Conway also told reporters that when investigators searched the Anthony home Saturday they took clothes and shoes that belonged to both Casey and Caylee among other items. He said even though it was such an emotional time for the Anthony’s they are cooperating with the investigation. “To have the FBI and Orange County Sheriff’s Office and crime scene technicians back in the house, that was very, very difficult for them,” said Conway.

Conway also stated that the Anthony’s would love to visit their daughter, Casey in jail this week for Christmas but since their conversations are recorded they have decided not to. OK now I am not quite sure I understand this. If they have nothing to hide, and if they are so sure that Casey is innocent why would it matter if their conversations are recorded or not? Why can’t they go see Casey and tell her Merry Christmas without worrying about being recorded? Are they afraid of what they will say to her or what she might say to them?

America is in mourning for our little Caylee. Funeral arrangements have been put on hold by the Anthony family. Brad Conway said that services would be held after a second autopsy is performed on Caylee’s remains. A spokeman for Orange County Corrections  said that Casey Anthony would not be allowed to attend the services when they are set unless there is an order by a judge to allow her to do so.

“We could handle whatever request comes in, highly unusual. No one ever accused of murder has gone out to see the body of their victim,” Moore said.

Caylee’s remains should be released within the next day according to the medical examiner. Then it will be up to the grandparents to decide what to do with the remains.

Jesse Grund, who is Casey Anthony’s ex-fiance, told Matt Laurer on the “Today Show, that the Casey Anthony he was engaged to (which ended in May 2006) could not have killed her daughter but he doesn’t know what this new Casey is capable of saying he doesn’t know this new Casey at all. Then tonight Grund told Nancy Grace said Casey broke their engagement off because she thought he loved Caylee more than her. He said his response to her was that since he had gotten a paternity test done it should have proven his love for Casey but she wanted him to go from being a father to Caylee to just being another guy in her life. While talking about Caylee he broke down crying saying it was so hard to talk about her.

Caylee will never be forgotten. She has touched all of our hearts. I know I have been hit by this case a lot harder than I expected and I know a lot of others feel the same way. When I go to bed at night I say my prayers and I have a feeling that from now on I will always include Caylee in them. I picture her in heaven playing with all the other children including my twin sons. I know they are all safe and are happy now. That somehow gives me a lot of peace and helps me deal with this whole tragedy. God bless the children and God bless everyone reading this.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!

Jan and Simon Barrett

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