This case seems to keep getting deeper and deeper involving more and more people as it goes along. Now not only does it involve a missing two year old child but now the Anthony’s are banning TV stations from getting interviews with them. Well Kid Finder’s is doing it but on behalf of the Anthony’s. Kid Finder’s claims to be trying to help George and Cindy Anthony locate little Caylee Anthony who has been missing since mid June.

It was reported Monday that Kid Finders Network no longer wants anything to do with the most watched TV station in the Orlando area, WFTV Channel 9. Kid Finders says WFTV is reporting blatant lies about the group’s founders so now the organization and the Anthony family will no longer be available for any interviews, statements or comments to WFTV. Kid Finders founder Dennis Milstead says that they will no longer be welcome at any of their events and/or their command and volunteer center.

Is Milstead scared? Maybe he is afraid that since WFTV’s reporter Kathi Belich will continue digging into their past and come up with some more dirt that would shut them down. This all came up when Belich confronted him personally and asked him about his criminal past. When he wouldn’t give her an answer she started pressing him for it. That is when he grabbed her microphone and pushed the WFTV camera while the cameraman was holding it. She had noted that the organization has never found any children. In fact all they seem to have accomplished was to print out t-shirts and flyers and supply some billboards which I am sure all brings in a nice sum of donations that I am sure they pocket after expenses, which is probably not even half of what they get coming in. Of course this is all my own opinion but I do have a very low opinion of the organization.

“This case has attracted all sorts of people, some of whom have the most questionable motives,” said WFTV’s news director, Bob Jordan. “We go where we please. We ask questions of people. We won’t be deterred in covering the story.”

I think Kathi Belich deserves the credit for the digging she did and what she found out. I admire her for coming out with it. It would be my bet that this so called ban won’t stop her because she is a determined reporter that sees a story there and won’t stop until she gets the truth.

George Anthony stated in the Kid finder’s statement, “Cindy and I have and always will support Kid Finders Network Inc. and their mission to bring our granddaughter and all other missing children home where they belong.” (I guess they really have George Anthony brainwashed. At least that is what it sounds like to me)

Meanwhile the Anthony’s spokeswoman Michelle Bart is telling WESH-Channel 2 news that the Anthony’s are not impressed with Leonard Padilla coming back to town to search for little Caylee. She says that a search by Tim Miller from Texas Equusearch would be more credible than one by the bounty hunter.

WKMG and WESH are reporting that Jose Baez, Casey Anthony’s attorney plans to fight a gag order so he can speak out against the state’s false misleading leaks against his client. “All of the leaks that have come out have come out from the government,” said Baez on WKMG. Baez handed subpoenas to WKMG’s Adam Longo and two other TV reporters wanting them to be possible witnesses in today’s hearing.

Baez ridiculed law enforcement for not following up on so called sightings of Caylee. “I don’t think you should gamble with the life of a child on strategies,” he said.  He says he and Casey believe that Caylee is alive. “We are confident that she is alive. There’s no evidence otherwise,” he said.

Baez is planning to present a range of motions in today’s hearing. He says he wants more evidence from the prosecutors and he is asking that less information be released to the public. He wants notes and photographs from the state and he is asking that his own team of experts be allowed to investigate what the prosecutors are saying is evidence that they found in Casey’s car.

Somehow he did manage to get his way about bringing in his laptop at the jail when he visits Casey. Orange County Jail reported that they have changed their policy so lawyers may now bring in laptops when visiting their clients. This irritates me because it is almost like The Orange County Sheriff’s office is always forced to bow down to the little brat’s desires through her idiot lawyer Baez. Why are they so important to cause policy changes anyway?

I don’t understand why Casey is getting such special treatment. Why is she allowed visits late at night from her attorney? How come they can’t visit during normal hours? How come she isn’t in a cell like the others there? Why is she getting celebrity status in there? She is far from a celebrity. She is a suspected child killer, and in my book even if she was a celebrity she shouldn’t be given special treatment.

Casey is nobody and once this case is over the only one that will be remembered is little Caylee. No one will remember Casey and her no emotion expressions when you see her. No one will remember Cindy Anthony or her voice that all of America has come to hate. No one will remember Jose Baez other than to say maybe “oh yeah that’s the man that made a fool out of himself for taking that woman’s case that killed her little girl, you know Caylee Anthony’s mom, I can’t remember her name now, but it was Caylee’s mom.” That is more or less what most people will be thinking in years to come. They won’t even remember Casey’s name.

If Casey does by miracle get out of this, she would have to go in hiding along with her family because the public would go crazy. She will be hated the rest of her life and no one will ever respect her. But then again would she deserve any respect? In my opinion NO she wouldn’t.

Caylee is the one I think about and she is the one I dream about. She is the one that suffered here. We love you Caylee and I for one say God Bless Leonard Padilla for wanting to continue his search to find you. His reason for doing it doesn’t matter now, as long as he succeeds in this mission of his. America loves you Caylee and America also mourns for you but we do know that you are in a better place and you have the angels watching over you now.

Jan Barrett

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