The attorney for Caylee’s grandparents, George and Cindy Anthony, said that the “Help Find Caylee” trust fund was opened again on Sunday. Sunday afternoon the grandparents talked to well-wishers and even took donations at a Publix near their home.

The original fund had been closed down after the bank administering the fund received allegations of charity fraud. The state attorney’s office has confirmed that they are looking into those accusations to make sure the funds are used properly.

George Anthony told a WESH 2 News reporter that there has never been anything illegal about how the funds to help find Caylee have been used. George and Cindy’s attorney plans on releasing documents to prove nothing illegal has been done on Monday.

Caylee’s family decided to resume the prayer vigils Sunday night but they still had protesters attending it. Deputies had to tell a small group of protesters to quiet down when they started shouting and sometimes swear at the crowd that showed up for the vigil in front of the Anthony home.

The vigil set for September 21 had been canceled because of the fear of security at their home but they claim they decided to resume because they have recently been given more of what they call respect, but of course their daughter, Caylee’s mother did not come out for the vigil. I wonder if she even bothered to look out the window or try to listen from inside.

During the vigil Sunday night, George Anthony promised that he was done lashing out at the protesters who hold signs and yell from across the street. He made a statement tonight addressing the protesters telling them that he loves them just not as much as he loves his family. Cindy read a poem as her message to Caylee that seemed to be from her heart. She said Caylee’s room is the same as it was before she disappeared except that now it has more toys in it.

Saturday the neighbors let their children play outside in their yards and they were allowed to ride their bikes on the sidewalks too. They had not been allowed to do so for weeks for fear of their safety but Sunday night when the protesters returned all that changed again. The police was called out when some of the protesters used profanity during the vigil. The police reminded them that they need to consider the other homeowners in the neighborhood and the rest of the night the vigil continued without any problems.

There are a lot of opinions about this case. There are a lot of theories as to what happened to Caylee. The one thing that needs to stay in focus here is that little Caylee Anthony needs to be found. I for one do believe in the power of prayer. I think if they want to pray for the return of Caylee then they should be allowed to do so peacefully.

On the other hand I do believe that Casey Anthony knows exactly what has happened to her daughter and I don’t think she should be given any special treatments under any circumstances. With all this new evidence that has come out who could honestly believe she doesn’t know more. I just hope the police can get enough concrete evidence to hold her responsible and keep her in jail for it. I seriously doubt she will ever talk now so we may never know the real truth.

Meanwhile Caylee is out there somewhere. Maybe by some miracle alive and maybe in heaven watching down at us, but where ever she is I want her to know she has the love and prayers of the world with her. God Bless You Caylee!

Jan Barrett

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