Recently, this author had the opportunity to participate in a discussion about the increased spread of Islam on the BBC via a live web broadcast. It seems very clear that the UK is uniquely concerned with the emerging dominance of Islamic fundamentalism within Britain and indeed the rest of the world. What concerns most observers is the ultimate imposition of Islamic laws and customs in an ever decreasing Christian society. A point to keep in mind is that Islam is growing exponentially in terms of an increased birth rate among its ethnic believers, while the Western nuclear family remains small. As a direct result, there are staggering amounts of “birth” Moslems and that number continues to grow as the demographics of Islam spread through Western Europe.

What I found of particular interest while participating on this webcast was not only is there a growing fear of Islamic religious beliefs, but a great fear of religious fundamentalism absorbing the cultural and social traditions of Europe and Christianity. Concerns were raised about the Islamic classification of women as second-class citizens, as the most worrisome aspect of the Muslim culture. Additionally, the predication towards the lack of tolerance from an Islamic point of view towards any other practice of faith outside of the beliefs of the Koran. While it clearly seems participants in this discussion were all in favor of religious freedom among all religions of the world, Islam was offered as perhaps the least flexible theocratic principles to coexist with Christian-Western foundations of everyday life and cultures.

The Catholic Christian world needs to watch the increased spread of Islam with great consternation and caution. Not because our faith wants to outweigh and outnumber Islamic numbers of followers, but because the Islamic tradition is so contrary to our Western principles of judicial and religious freedoms based upon individual human rights and practices. Islamic law it seems is not concerned with the individual happiness of each believer, but rather the holistic imposition of religious conformity over everyone without exception. Callers express great concern on this webcast about the worry British and American citizens should have about their diminishing human rights in light of theocratic and absolute Moslem law. The ultimate goal of the Moslem faith is dominance over all religious faiths by whatever means necessary to achieve the goal. Such a religious fervor that does not permit free expression and observance of individual religious ideals is something Western believers have little thought about in our daily lives. However, this author’s sentiments after participation on this webcast are obviously enlightening. Western Christianity and indeed our Western way of life and society are endangered by escalating Islamic violence and sectarian fundamentalism. In addition to the need for Christianity to globally assert itself as a religion of theocratic harmony and religious tolerance, the Western nations need to know clearly, what Islamic extremism means for the continuation of our Christian culture.

Christians that stand on the sidelines and consider the spread of Islam as a controlled religious movement that is open to peaceful religious harmony and peaceful coexistence need to know…Islam seeks Christian subjugation, not dialogue. The most effective activity we as Catholic Christians can engage is a concentrated effort of global evangelization and catechesis that accentuates the Gospel principles rooted in global peace and harmony. The restoration of Christianity should occupy the minds and souls of Western believers. If this restoration is ignored, the continued growth of, “cradle” Moslems permit the uncontrolled growth of Islamic fundamentalism and the result will be a new society where Christians are the tolerated minority.

The diplomatic precept of Pope Benedict towards the understanding and cooperation with Islam is unquestionably the most significant papal cause since the great Western Schism. Collectively, Christians of both the East and the West need to resolve their religious internal differences and theologically unite against Islamic ideology and its global determinism.

To follow this discussion more closely visit the BBC.

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