Over the weekend I received an enigmatic email from a group called, Catholics for Choice. Always being intrigued by groups that call themselves Catholic, I continued to read the email but suddenly realized the group of so called Catholics, was indeed a well orchestrated oxymoron of descriptive adjectives. Catholics for Choice are engaged in a political and social campaign that advocates and permits the choice for Catholics to disregard the genuine teachings of the Catholic Church’s Magisterium in regards to birth control, abortion and unions of gay couples. Well the idea of such a group proclaiming itself to be truly Catholic is equivalent to the notion of being just a little bit pregnant, giving the statement of, “no comment!” as a response to the request for a comment. Such a non sequitur distortion of the Church’s teachings on the dignity of human life and the sacredness of the human condition and the sanctity of the marital union between a man and a woman runs rampant among socially chic Catholics today in many aspects.

Just to be very clear on these points, it is never acceptable morally & ethically to murder an unborn child , artificial methods of birth control are morally wrong and the marital union of two people of the same sex is just as morally unacceptable as the first two.

Additionally, the pursuit of a Catholic lifestyle requires commitment and consent to the entire deposit of faith that the Catholic Church holds as sacred from A to Z. Our faith is not fixed price buffet, where one might linger over the choices and make a gustatory decision based on the whim and soup of the day.

Catholics are bound by the moral teachings of the Church not because we are frightened by the eternal repercussions of leading a life that is sinful. We follow the moral and ethical teachings of the Catholic Church because we want to live a life that is clearly and distinctively different from the social call to live a common and unexamined secular lifestyle. Perhaps part of the continuing problem is our mistaken American concept of democracy that constantly and consistently creeps into our theocratic canons of moral certitude. Catholics do not get a vote to choose the moral directions of their faith. Divine Law and the tradition of the Church wins out each and every time.

When I watched the news this weekend and saw the nominal Catholic and presumptive Vice-Presidential candidate Joe Biden attending his Catholic parish for Mass this weekend, the misguided and malformed Catholic voters were reveling in the fact that Joe Biden was representative of Delaware’s Catholic population. He is not. Senator Biden is Pro-Choice in his political platform. That option is not one that the Catholic Church endorses. I was hoping to see the incumbent Bishop emeritus of Wilmington, Bishop Saltarelli running down the Kirkwood highway swinging his crosier fending off the Pro-Choice Catholic infidels. However, it did not happen. However the local parish priest at Senator Biden’s parish did take the time to tell Action News that some Catholics will agree and some will disagree with Senator Biden’s political agenda. Amazement!

What ever happened to just saying to the parishioners that Senator Biden’s consistent proclamation of Pro-Choice legislation is morally wrong and faithful Catholics should oppose such political and social platforms! Furthermore…did anyone take the time to exclude Senator Biden from the reception of the Holy Eucharist! Objectively his malformed consciences on the issues of abortion are contrary to the teachings of the Church!

Such abilities to, “look the other way,” or to pastorally rationalize justifications for pseudo-Catholics to continue unquestioned in their ill catechized and incorrectly formed moral certitudes are examples of the need for strong Catholic leadership in the area of moral and social issues.

The silence of the American Bishops and the clergy contributes to the adage…silence gives consent! The strongest actions the Bishops Conference in the United States has taken so far this election year is the reminder to pray a novena for the outcome of the November elections. Novenas are always commendable and laudable, but we need the forcefulness and public visibility of strong Catholic leaders that are unafraid to speak for the true convictions of the Catholic Church.

Archbishop Burke, formerly of Saint Louis, shoots from the hip. He tells Catholics when they are not living up to the vocational calling all Catholics have to live and proclaim Christ to the World. Benedict XVI doesn’t dance around political semantics and correctness either. Being Catholic means living Catholic in all aspects of our faith, whether it is politically correct or not.

Come on Catholic hierarchy and Catholic people alike….lets get some backbone and realize that Pro-Life is the only platform a faithful Catholic can endorse. Pray for strong leadership in the Church and pray for the return of orthodox Catholicism to the majority of American Catholics that mistakenly think their political alliances are not important to their observation of the Catholic faith.

Hugh McNichol is a Catholic author and journalist that writes on Catholic topics and issues. Hugh studied both philosophy and theology at Saint Charles Borromeo Seminary in Philadelphia. He writes daily at: http://verbumcarofactumest.blogspot.com & http://catholicsacredarts.com & http://pewsitter.com He writes about Irish Catholic experiences  at http://graysferrygrapevine.blogspot.com  Comments are always welcome @ hugh.mcnichol@trinettc.com

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