Who would win in this battle? Well the Catholic Church has the Pope, while the Scientology movement has Tom Cruise. Being agnostic, I would call this a tie. But being a reasonable human being I think the Pope is a better guy. The Pope has the entire Catholic Church behind him, and 2000 years of albeit fragmented history, that we call the Bible. It may not be accurate, it may not be definitive, it may even be  misleading. But there is little in the bible that will take you down ‘the wrong road’.

The other big advantage with Catholicism is the price, they give Bibles away, as opposed to the Scientologists, rumor has it that they charge by the page. Actually the hot rumor is that they charge for everything. One would think that if they truly were a religion they would distribute the thoughts of their leader L. Ron Hubbard freely.

When you put the current Pope under the microscope, Benedict XVI you find a nice guy. OK, nice guy  may not be politically correct, but that is what he is in my view. I have no issue with the Catholic Church, they have never done anything bad to me. The Catholic Church did come under great scrutiny over the predilection of young boys by members of the cloth.  The Catholic Church has paid a heavy price as a consequence, but it has survived.

The Scientologists on the other hand, have lots of issues. I personally would never dream of joining a fee based religion. The Mormons supposedly pay 10%, no doubt that is to support the multiple wives!

What is being bandied about in this neck if the woods is Scientology costs a lot. Pope’s on the other hand pay for themselves. Pope’s can play in the Pope-mobile and have hundreds of thousands of fans.

The Church of Scientology, on the other hand, prefers Visa or Mastercard. I am sure that they are not against cash as another option.

My view as an onlooker is, Pope 1 Scientology -8 gazzilion!

Simon Barrett


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