I came across this copy of the newspaper for the then Bishop Neumann High School from January 1977. It is really fitting to remember with great fondness the excitement and accomplishment we felt as students of Bishop Neumann High School when Pope Paul VI declared his intention to canonize Philadelphia’s John Neumann as a saint in 1978.
Traditionally I write about different aspects of Gray’s Ferry that are poignant examples of the historical legacy that enclave of Philadelphia contributed to our view of the South Philadelphia world. Well, quite honestly, the Catholic educational experience of Saint Gabriel, Saint Anthony, King of Peace, St.Aloysius and the countless other schools that are directly the result of Saint John Neumann are an important contribution to our Gray’s Ferry and Philadelphia Catholic experiences.
I had forgotten about this article in the Rocket until rummaging around alot of old papers that have accumulated in my life. The article reminded me of the great educational experiences we have all had as a result of Catholic education, of neighborhood upbringing and our Catholic parochial faith. Perhaps the experiences of Catholic education have yet to reveal themselves in everyones lives, but it is still a good thing to remember our spiritual and educational heritages in Catholic Grade school and high school.
Saint John Neumann was not a resident of Gray’s Ferry. However, the Catholics that inhabited the area during his episcopate would realize the benefits of his scaramental ministry with the establishment of the Catholic parochial school system,and the superlative education afforded to all of us as a result of his insights.
Let’s use January 5th as a day to remember the spiritual and intellectual insights that Saint John Neumann directly and indirectly bestowed on all of us in Gray’s Ferry and indeed the entire United States. His paternal application of Catholic education gave us all the strong roots that emerged into Bishop Neumann High School, Saint Maria Goretti High School and thousands of other Catholic sites of academic learning and spirituality. stjohn-neumann-article0001.jpgstjohn-neumann-article0001.jpg

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