Adoration at Holy Trinity Parish…accomplished by King Richards.

When one usually thinks of a Catholic Church’s construction project, the
details involve modern representations of sacred art and architecture
that has evolved since the mid-1960’s. Not so with Holy Trinity
Catholic Church in Westmont, Illinois. When their pastor, Father
William DeSalvo decided to renovate his parish facility to include a
Eucharistic adoration chapel, he turned to a company that specializes
in making churches look like churches. King Richard’s was given the
task of designing and procuring all of the new materials to makeover a
classroom at Holy Trinity into a traditional adoration chapel. However,
one stipulation was that the chapel look old even though the entire
project was newly designed and constructed.
The task of construction
of the gothic style main altar and two side chapels began after much
planning and consideration by King Richard’s capable staff with Father
De Salvo. What emerged from the substantial project was not only a
suitable site for Catholic worship, but also a remarkable example of
qualitative contemporary Catholic Church architecture with a
traditional devotional perspective.
King Richard’s provided all of
the new stained glass windows, lighting, and custom made pews in
addition to the main altar and statue niches. All of these exquisitely
crafted details were designed, crafted, delivered and installed by the
Atlanta based Church artisans staff and artisans.
King Richard’s
over the past decade has established a remarkable reputation throughout
the entire United States in its attentive attention to details and
respect for Catholic sacred art and accessories. According to the
company’s owner, Rick Lair their primary mission is, “making churches
look like churches.” At the time of this writing, the company is
actively engaged in the architectural salvage of religious materials
from multiple Catholic Churches in Quebec. With restoration projects
completed all over the United States, King Richard’s turnkey services
are the most unique and highly respected in the United States.

adoration chapel at Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Westmont, Illinois
is a superlative example of the creative design accomplishments being
accomplished in Catholic sacred art and design that incorporates the
best of the new with the inclusion of pre-Vatican II devotional
Holy Trinity adoration chapel is a success not only for
its traditional craftsmanship and devotional purposes, but because it
promotes a quiet meditative space for Eucharistic adoration.
your parish needs to restore, renovate or design a place for the sacred
rites, they should call on the resources of King Richard’s. Their
website illustrates their unique expertise and
talents in tackling just about any task a religious community can offer.
take a look at Holy Trinity Roman Catholic Church’s adoration chapel,
go to . Father DeSalvo and his parishioners
welcome your visit.

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