Hillary Clinton today is going to visit Saint Norbert College in DePere, Wisconsin. It seems that her visit was delayed yesterday due to inclement weather. The hopeful presidential nominee for the Democratic Party is swinging by the Catholic college in hopes of mounting a strong showing in the upcoming primary in this state. Once again, Catholics are being placed in the national spotlight to help enhance the image of a former first lady, turned candidate that clearly supports a position in favor of abortion rights. Catholic’s once again, WAKE up. This type of political solicitation on the party of any candidate that maintains social, moral and ethical policies against the moral and ethical teachings of the Catholic Church is not welcome on a Catholic college campus. More importantly, the Norbertine Community in DePere should not extend an invitation to such an unabashed activist that fosters the right to choose an abortion over the right to life.

Once again, the promotion of any candidate that suggests a platform that is contrary to the teaching of our Catholic Church has no place on Catholic campuses. The political agenda and message set forth by Hillary Clinton in no manner should be endorsed in the slightest bit by any Catholic religious community. The Norbertine Fathers, steeped in a long history orthodox Catholic traditions know better than to permit their college to provide an opportunity for Mrs. Clinton to expound on her blatantly anti-life moral message.

Even more frightening is the fact there has been no statement from the local bishop denouncing her visit as inappropriate for a Catholic college. Bishops and clergy along with all of the other faithful Catholic voters in the United States…lets once and for all make a definitive stand for the right to human life. Catholic patronage of moral adversaries is in effect creating a disharmony among the Catholic faithful and this type of political subversion is morally and ethically wrong. Understandably, Catholic colleges offer a forum for the deeper understanding of Catholic moral teachings; however, the endorsement of an anti-Catholic candidate really does not foster better understanding of our Catholic political and moral certitudes that are “Pro-Life.” Quite frankly any type of inclusion of a candidate’s point of view and her presence along constitutes passive consent to her unacceptable policies and positions that are pro-abortion, pro-birth control and pro-choice. These three points are alone the reason political debates and candidates should not be present on Catholic campuses.

The role of Catholic education once again is intended to promote a future Catholic membership in the Church. Education on a Catholic campus does not include the haphazard “freedom of speech” and “freedom of secular politics” as Mrs. Clinton’s visit to DePere might imply. Such a political visit clearly presents the opportunity for political preaching of secular humanist goals and objectives. Clearly, this is in total contradiction to Church moral and ethical teachings. Saint Norbert College needs to clarify the role and responsibility it holds in the arena of Catholic moral teaching, and apologize to Catholics everywhere that find Mrs. Clinton’s politics offensive and morally wrong.

Catholics once again, should realize they are being courted as political fodder in a highly inflamed political election. Our sacred beliefs and principles transcend sectarian politics of either Republican or Democratic parties. Our values are rooted in the correct application of Divine Law. Political appearances on Catholic campuses have no right to displace our foundational teachings on the dignities of human life.

The Norbertine community at DePere needs to totally commit to the platform promulgated by Catholic teachings and not permit any political extremism influence developing Catholic minds and lifestyles.

Hugh McNichol is a Catholic author that writes on topics that effect Catholicism. His daily blog http://verbumcarofactumest.blogspot.com promotes Catholic religious thought. He can be contacted at hugh.mcnichol@trinettc.com

Hugh McNichol was educated from the cradle as Catholic. His writings are appropriately pro-Catholic in their message and format.

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