The rebirth of Catholic Apologetics!

Catholics frequently meet various forms of intellectual discrimination from various categories of agnostics, skeptics and atheists. Most often Catholic faithful are not prepared to dispute the arguments presented by these various opponents of our faith and lifestyle. The Baltimore Catechism is long gone and the methods of teaching precepts of Catholicism is substantially different from the apologetic methodology that developed after the Protestant Reformation. However there is hope for Catholics in the form of a new, Handbook of Catholic Apologetics by Peter J. Kreeft & Ronald K.Tacelli.

This impressive undertaking explains precisely what Catholics believe, why we believe these things and how the Catholic faith is viable as one of the world’s most ancient religions. Long ago when studying philosophy the interrogative method of Saint Thomas Aquinas was most effective as a defense against internal and external infidels. This book brings all of the philosophical and theological points that every Catholic needs to know into one volume of Catholic intellectual arguments and counterpoints.

While the apologetic method seems medieval to contemporary observers, it really illuminates critical points of Catholic didactic that are essential to the authentic lifestyle of our faith. What is quite refreshing about this work is the objective and factual progression of questions and answers that clearly illustrate correct Catholic beliefs from the Catholic Catechism, Sacred Scriptures, Ancient Church Fathers and supportive Vatican declarations.

The authors very carefully include methods of defending our Catholic faith with a great blend of faith and reason, something often lacking from our academic education of Catholics regarding their faith. The book especially combines insights into the philosophical proofs of the existence of God, as written by St.Thomas Aquinas, defense of Catholicism against Protestantism and bona fide examples from scripture and tradition that support the Church as the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic faith as inherited by the Apostles.

Unfortunately for modern Catholics, the semantics of political correctness and ecumenical homogeneous terminology has invaded the Catholic Church. This book cuts through all of the clutter and presents an apologetic understanding of the facts regarding Catholicism and our beliefs. This book deserves inclusion as a valuable resource that compliments the Catechism of the Catholic Church, Sacred Scripture and papal pronouncements of the 20th century. Four miters for this remarkable example of scholarship and apologetics.

The book is available directly from the website for Ignatius Press: .

Hugh J.McNichol is a Catholic author and journalist writing on Catholic topics and issues. He attended Saint Charles Borromeo Seminary in Philadelphia, where he studied both philosophy and theology. He writes frequently at & . Hugh writes about his Irish Catholic upbringing and educational experiences at . He has contributed works to Catholic News Agency, Catholic Online, The Irish Catholic, Dublin, the British Broadcasting Company, London and the Philadelphia Bulletin,, Blogger News Network & The Catholic Business Journal.

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