The notion of apologetics is often lost on contemporary American Catholics. When asked about their Catholic faith most average Catholics unfortunately have inadequate or erroneous answers about their faith. The book, Handbook of Catholic Apologetics, by Peter Kreeft & Ronald Tacelli provides a superlative resource for anyone with questions about Catholicism and its multicomplex tradition of beliefs.

Critically important to the nature of apologetics the book provides information that supports the theological and historical position of the Catholic Church on a variety of issues from “faith and reason, life after death,” to the questions about the Protestant Reformation, and questions regarding the Catholic hierarchy. It is well written, cites the entire historical source and provides references to the scriptural and doctrinal teachings of the Catholic Church. Most importantly it provides answers to questions in a clear, concise and approachable manner. Rather than approach various subjects of Catholic Church justification from an antagonistic point of view, the authors use logic, reason and even humor to present truthful explanations about Catholicism and its associated beliefs.

This book also incorporates the traditional Catholic responses regarding faith into a very easily understood and readable context. Gone are the complex Thomistic associations of matter and form most associated with traditional Catholic apologetics and are replaced with clear responses to questions that both Catholic and non-Catholic believers often present as legitimate questions regarding our Catholic faith.

This book should provide a great resource for teachers of religion, philosophy and theology. When combined with the Catechism of the Catholic Church, Sacred Scripture and works of contemporary Catholic teachings on the Modern World…the aim of Catholic apologetics is attainable and will be successful.

The book is published by Ignatius Press and is available at their website:


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