The Grant Of Executive Clemency that was given to Lewis Libby, surprised some today, predicting a pardon, and others predicting that the administration would steer clear of the issue. The fact that Libby’s prison term was commuted, and the rest of the sentence (fine, supervised release) was left in tact, lends some insight into how the President views his role. A pardon for a convicted Felon, would no doubt show contempt for the process, ( as the Clinton Administration displayed with its 11th hour pardons) A commutation of the prison portion of the Libby sentence shows us that the administration is clearly loyal to its footman, but also shows a level of detachment from the taxpayers. It may just be, that politicians playing at this level of competition, with all the money and deal making that got them to where they are, really believe they are on solid ground, even when standing in quicksand. Although it’s nice to think that our elected officials stand behind what they believe in, it is disconcerting to think that the result of such devotion to ones beliefs is a type of political cataracts.

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