The brand spankin’ new 007 film ‘Casino Royale’ is premiering in China today.


‘Bond’ star Daniel Craig and girlfriend producer Satsuki Mitchell have been out and about on the streets of Beijing, to attend the premiere.    

Craig excited about being in China says: “It’s been an ambition of mine to get here, and I wish I had more time.”


The movie’s director Martin Campbell was saddened on Monday after discovering pirated DVD’s of “Ling ling qi” (007 in Chinese) for sale on the streets of Beijing, hours before the film’s China premiere. He claimed that such fakes were a huge problem for the industry.


Daniel Craig commented on the copyright piracy saying: “It hasn’t premiered here yet, but I think it’s been seen here. Someone tried to sell me a copy last night. I was wearing a hat and glasses so they didn’t recognize me. I understand the reality of the situation and it saddens me, not just because of the effect it has on the movie industry but because going to the cinema is a great experience. You’re missing out by watching a bad copy of a DVD with no sound and bad picture quality. As far as I’m concerned cinema is a collective experience and you get 50 percent more by going to the cinema.”

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