In what I am still considering the laugh of the century, Casey Anthony is now appealing the 4 misdemeanor guilty verdicts and the $4000 fine that came along with them. She is just managed to ‘dodge the bullet’ over a couple of murder charges, and now wants to get the rest of it thrown out.

One can only imagine the argument that Casey Anthony’s lawyers will offer. I rather like the idea of Cheney Mason being the lead guy……….

Your honor, it has been proved that miss Anthony tells lies. We are going to explain to you today how the lies that she told police we just that, they were lies. She has lied about everything, so why should the police have any special privilege?  Why would Casey Anthony tell them the truth?

This verdict is an outrage!

Your honor, I am shocked. The defense team has worked long and hard, and I want to point out, for free, no money, well other than the $270,000 that Jose needed, to support Miss Anthony in her quest for justice, we have not earned a penny.

I’d also like to point out that the quote from the esteemed Dorothy Clay Sims was taken completely out of context. Ms Sims would indeed let Casey Anthony babysit her small children, if she had some. The media took her comments the wrong way.

We are looking at injustice here. Casey Anthony has been found Not Guilty, yet the court insists on placing these four, and I want to make a point, four very minor misdemeanor charges!

It is not the jail time that concerns me, that has been served. Rather it is the onerous burden  she must now face with the $4000 fine.

Your honor, this is an outrage! The American justice system needs to move forward.

At this time we would also like to move that the six obviously erroneous Felony convictions for check fraud be removed as well. In this day and age it is easy for someone to manipulate pictures and video, it was not Casey Anthony in Target buying beer and other things, it was rather a fine example of computer manipulation. Our experts have examined the so called ‘evidence’ and the person purchasing these items likely was a young Hispanic male in drag.

At this point I also want to bring to the courts attention some other frivolous law suits. We have already explained that Zanny the Nanny was non existent, yet we are being sued by this non existent Nanny. Where is the justice in that?

Just as disturbing is some guy from Texas that runs a free service to look for missing children. At no point did my client Casey Anthony offer him any money, but now he is suing her for $115,000. It is an outrage!


Simon Barrett

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