It is a very broad question, and one that comes with potentially very complex answers. Casey dodged the big three murder charges, but does still face the four lying to the police issues.

Sentencing is set for 9am tomorrow, and there is a great deal of speculation as to what Judge Perry may do. It is possible that Casey Anthony may walk free based on time served. It is possible that Judge Perry can somehow incorporate the six felony convictions for check fraud and use them as leverage to keep her in jail for several more months. To explain, Casey Anthony has paid her ‘dues’ for the check problem in time served. So if Judge Perry chooses to do so he could impose the maximum sentence for each, he could also force them to be served sequentially, and start the clock running from the date of the Check conviction.

Personally I think she will walk free. I base that on an email put out by the court spokeswoman Karen Levy. Karen is always very careful as to the wording of the message she wishes to convey. Her message is that because of the high profile nature of this case, Casey Anthony will not be permitted to leave the court room tomorrow morning so that she skip down the road hand in hand with Cheney Mason and Jose Baez. Rather, she will be released at some other predetermined location.

The burning question is what happens next? There is a good deal of anger floating around the Internet. Many trial watchers are unhappy with this final chapter. Jan sums it up very well in her latest article.

Actually this is not the final chapter, this is merely the end of Part One. Yes, this is OJ all over again. The civil law suits will likely start flying. Casey Anthony must deal with Zenaida Gonsalez, in fact now she cannot avoid the dreaded Deposition. There are going to be some awkward questions asked of Casey.

My sources also are whispering in my ear that the Grund family are likely to start an action against the National Inquirer, once again Casey Anthony is going to find herself on the hot seat!

Attorney Mannie Barling pointed out to me that there is also a chance that George and Cindy Anthony may take up pitchforks against Nancy Grace of HLN fame. Nancy settled out of court over her Trenton Ducket fiasco, could the Anthony family play that card?

There is another potential problem, a wild card that could cut Casey Anthony’s celebration really short. Our constitution does not permit a person to be tried a second time on the same charges. You get one shot at it, and then it is over. Right?

Well, almost right. I want you to think back to the Rodney King trial. The evidence was compelling that the police used brutal force in beating Mr. King. The jury however found the police officers not guilty. The feds stepped in with a civil liberty suit.

Is it possible that the feds may play the ‘King’ card?

If any of these scenarios play out, and my little birdies are telling me they may, ouch Casey Anthony is in some major trouble.

At this point I will opt to keep my sources to myself, but I have a sneaking suspicion that it will not very long before they speak publicly.

This case is far from over. Do not give up on our judicial system, it does from time to time appear to be derailed, but like the Postal Service eventually it delivers!

Simon Barrett

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