caylee31.jpgA lot of people have been glued to their TV or the online videos of all the court hearings leading up to the Casey Anthony murder trial especially as the date nears for the jury selection phase coming up on May 9. Casey is being held in jail on charges of first degree murder of her 2 year old daughter, Caylee.

The court has required any news organizations wishing press credentials to upcoming trial to sign a confidentiality agreement. At issue is the release of information concerning the location of the jury selection process. Perry has asked that the credentialed press not announce the location until the proceedings are underway. The news organizations obviously are concerned about losing an exclusive and being scooped by an independent organization or blogger, headed to court to ask that the restriction be lifted.

Judge Perry has denied this motion. Perry warned that demands to divulge the secret location of jury selection well ahead of Monday, May 9, could result in a possible six-month delay of her trial. I seriously doubt any news organization would gain any publicity if it is known that they are the cause of a delay in this trial. A delay would only cost the taxpayers more money and I am sure that the citizens of Florida are tired of their dollars supporting this whole mess.

As the judge spoke to the attorney he said, “There is nothing, ma’am, in that agreement which would prohibit any news station if they found from independent sources in broadcasting the location. They just can’t do it based upon what was told by the court. So there is nothing in there which prohibits any news station from using whatever sources whatever means they want to from finding the location if they can in broadcasting. So this agreement does not prohibit them from independent source. The only source that is prohibited is if they sign it and I tell them where the location is.”

Judge Perry made it clear that Casey Anthony just might be more infamous that O.J. Simpson. “The news coverage of this case has been unprecedented in the history of Florida and maybe even dwarfs the coverage that was given to O.J. Simpson,” said Perry.

WFTV’s legal analyst, Bill Sheafer says that he believes that Judge Perry’s decision will be upheld by the court of appeal. “The fifth DCA judges do not live in a box either and what Judge Perry said about the media attention is well- known to everyone, certainly not the judiciary,” said Sheafer. Also he does not believe there will be a delay in the trial.

Suddenly just as though it was right at the moment she could have been instructed to turn on the water works, Casey appeared to burst out in tears. Judge Perry was talking about finding a fair jury and how difficult that can be. It was so pathetic to watch. Her new best bud, Cheney Mason was kind enough to sit next to her and pat her on the back, and rub her as if to tell her she did it right, her tears have been noticed now. It was very touching about his concern for his client but not convincing that it was for the right reasons. Actually it didn’t look to me like it was really tears and if it was, they sure didn’t last long. She kept rubbing her face as if she was trying to make herself cry.

I don’t understand how she could sit there throughout all these hearings without a tear in her eyes, especially when the mention of her daughter being dead came up. How could she show no emotion when the mention of her daughter’s remains comes up or how her daughter’s remains had been put in a laundry bag and then inside a garbage bag and dumped in the woods like she was yesterday’s trash. How about sitting there listening to the talk of her daughter’s decomposed body? How could she sit there and not cry. My eyes would be so wet if it were me. Hell Caylee wasn’t even my daughter and I cried.

The only time Casey ever shows any emotions with tears in when it is something about her. She cried when she was having to stay in jail and not bonded out right away… she cried when she knew she had to go back to jail only this time it was because she was being charged with first degree murder of her 2 year old daughter.

Casey cried in court one day when her mother was on the stand. I for one do not believe for one minute that she cried at that time because of her missing her Mommy. She was probably worried that they would manage to get Cindy to crack and tell something that would prove her guilt right then and there.

As for all these accusations about her being abused as she was growing up, is something I have a really hard time accepting. I don’t for one minute believe it was bad enough for her to go out and kill her own daughter. When she was first arrested and her Dad and Mom visited, George Anthony told her she was the boss and she snapped back at him saying not anymore, at least not in there. Does this sound like someone that had been abused by their parents?

Casey was just a spoiled little girl that had a mother that would cover up for all the things she would do wrong to keep her out of trouble, so I have to ask myself, isn’t this exactly what Cindy Anthony is doing now? Why should this be any different? Well it should be since it was Cindy’s granddaughter that was murdered but as always Casey comes first. Cindy has to protect her spoiled brat.

There shouldn’t be any more delay in this trial. The case needs to go to court. It is long time overdo. Little Caylee is waiting for the justice that she deserves. They need to remember that this is all about Caylee Marie Anthony. They need to remember that little Caylee’s life was taken from her, and the one responsible for that is on trial. I say let the trial go on so hopefully Caylee will finally get her justice. I pray every day and night that this will finally happen.

I am 100% behind Justice for Caylee!

Jan Barrett

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