caylee.jpgWednesday, Thursday and Friday the Casey Anthony defense team along with their client were in court arguing about whether certain statements made by Casey Anthony in 2008 would be admissible during the trial which is scheduled to begin on May 9, 2011, in my opinion this is long overdue.

Casey Anthony is in jail being held on first degree murder of her then two year old daughter, Caylee Anthony. She claims Caylee’s Nanny took the baby but no one has been able to locate any nanny. Casey never even bothered to report her child gone. Cindy Anthony, Casey’s mother, reported her in a 911 call 31 days later. Caylee’s body was found dumped in the woods within walking distance of the Anthony’s home in Orlando. She was put inside a laundry bag which was put inside a trash bag and thrown out like garbage.

I didn’t catch all of the hearings but the parts that I did catch made me sick. George Anthony shows so much disrespect for the courts when he acts like he runs the show. He sits up on that witness stand and I think he actually thinks he can choose what the attorney’s can ask him and what his answers will be.  Today he sat in the courtroom chewing on his gum like he was a King watching his little princess from behind.

OK I understand that George and his wife, Cindy Anthony lost a grandchild and could very well be losing their only daughter too. Does that give them the right to show such disrespect for the law or the courts or even the judge for that matter? I lost all respect for the Anthony’s when they stopped worrying about little Caylee and turned their total focus on Casey and trying to save her.

If they honestly don’t think she did anything to that baby, why the heck aren’t they out there trying to find out who did, then? Why? It is because they already know who did it and I assume since they are willing to commit perjury by lying under oath to try to save their daughter’s butt, they must care more about Casey than they do Caylee.

I know that they love their daughter, and I wouldn’t expect anything less from a parent in a situation like this, but to lie and make excuses for their daughter is wrong. Cindy Anthony has deliberately obstructed justice to cover up for her daughter. I can’t understand how she has gotten away with it. She has admitted to washing the jeans she found in Casey Anthony’s car because they had a bad smell on them. She has admitted that she knew she gave the detectives the wrong hairbrush when they requested Caylee’s. Anyone else that would have done such things would have been arrested already.

While I do not believe for one minute that George or Cindy Anthony had anything to do with Caylee’s death I do believe that they along with their son, Lee have been working overtime trying to help her cover up what happened to Caylee. Maybe it was an accident, but even if it was, they should have said so from the beginning and not lied. It is too late now to claim it was an accident. You don’t have to cover up an accident.

The defense is trying to prove that the detectives convinced the Anthony’s to try to get Casey Anthony to talk about what happened without her attorney present. For Pete’s sake, the detectives were just trying to figure out what happened to that baby. They were doing their job. At that time who cares if her attorney was present or not.

I am sure there will be a lot of people glued to their TV or computer once this trial starts, I know I will be. I want to see this woman go to prison for life with NO chance of parole. I want her to suffer like her little girl suffered. I also want the Anthony’s to pay for their roles in this case as well. They are not royalty that deserves special treatment. When a normal person gets on the witness stand they are expected to do none other than to answer the questions all the attorney’s ask of them. They would not be allowed special treatment when they claim how hard this is for them. It just doesn’t work like that in a court of law, yet they seem to think they can do it and get away with it. Using their so called grief for their granddaughter shouldn’t allow them to show disrespect for our laws or our courts.

I will be so happy once this is all over and then we can stop hearing about poor Casey. Instead it should be poor Caylee, and what that child went through at the hands of her own mother. For once I’d like to hear one of the Anthony’s actually tell the truth and say that Caylee is the important one here. She needs justice and the only way that can happen if the person responsible for taking her life is punished to the fullest extent of the law. God bless little Caylee Marie Anthony. She is who this is all about, not her mother, Casey Anthony. The Anthony’s really needs to remember that.

Jan Barrett

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