The question is a simple one, when is a lawyer not a lawyer?

The answer is far more complex than the question suggests.

As lawyers love to do in courtroom TV dramas, let me put a hypothetical question to the jury.

There is this wazoo case, a young child is dead, and the mother is the only suspect. The press are like ‘gravy on rice’ over the whole story. Everyone involved needs to ‘lawyer up’. Selling some pictures of the now dead child to a TV network brings in a veritable goldmine. This goes into the war chest for the defense of the mother.

But, it is not just the mother that needs to be ‘lawyered up’, the grand parents are feeling the heat. Of course it is nothing that an all expenses paid cruise couldn’t fix.

Oh, sorry if you already have heard the story.

Anyway, there is this high powered lawyer guy who takes pity on the grand parents. Because he is such a nice guy he take the case on Pro Baez Bono.  He does a great job of assisting the grand parents in finding the best media spotlights keeping them out of the media frenzy.

Along comes an even better victim in the crime. Our well dressed lawyer drops the grand parents faster than a hooker dropping her panties. His new client seems like a great catch in the beginning. But there are a few bits of baggage that just seem to follow him around.

What is a well heeled lawyer going to do? There obviously is no money to be made in the lawyering aspect of the case, no one has any money. There is no account to bill your 6 minute increments for thinking about the case while you are in the shower.

Of course you don’t get to be a well heeled lawyer without having a few synapses firing. There is always money to be made if you know where to find it.

I would like to point out that this article is a work of fiction, and any resemblance to living people is completely unintentional. And this article by the Orlando Sentinel is purely coincidental and has nothing at all to do with my story.

Simon Barrett

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