I have no legal training, it is a field that did not appeal to me during my early life. However for the past 20 years or so I have become interested in the legal process. A trial in some ways is a well choreographed multi act ballet. The real world is far different from that of TV’s classic Perry Mason.

In the real world there are few ‘gotcha’ moments. Both the prosecution and defense (assuming they have done their homework) have a clearly defined ‘play book’. With ‘discovery’ both sides have fair warning of what the opposition is likely to present.

The Casey Anthony trial in someways has me confused. With almost three years to prepare for the ‘big game’ there seem to be some problems with both teams.

The prosecution put on a strong but largely circumstantial case. It seems strong enough to ensure a guilty verdict, but is it strong enough to get a death penalty verdict? I have my doubts.

Clearly Casey Anthony is guilty of lying to the police. The jurors heard that from Casey herself from the tape recording taken by Yuri Melich at Universal Studios. Also very damning was Jose Baez’s opening statement in defense of his client. The whole ‘accidental drowning’ story did nothing but help prove the child neglect aspect. Jose Baez effectively painted himself into a corner. He didn’t know when it was time to sit down and shut up. He went into far too many details, and these details were a huge blunder.

Last Thursday Baez took control of the case. Now came his opportunity to debunk the prosecutions case.

But where was his strategy? Three years of planning should have resulted in a flawless presentation. Reality shows a far different story. Unprepared, unprofessional, and untrained are just three ‘un’ words that spring to my mind. He has managed to incur the wrath of Judge Parry and it would seem that at the end of the trial the judge will be handing out a little present to him. A present that no lawyer wants to receive!

People do make mistakes, it is human nature. However when the judge tells you that the mistake was ‘willful’, now you have a big problem on your hands.

The question I have is does Jose Baez have a strategy? He has been in possession of the ball for six days, but has not moved it out of own ‘end zone’. His ‘expert’ witnesses have either been trampled by State Attorney Jeff Ashton, or served little purpose other than to bolster the States case.

What is bothering me is why the much more experienced Cheney Mason is permitting this carnage to occur? I do not like Cheney Mason, to me he is far too abrasive. But he does understand the rules of engagement. Of equal concern is the role that Dorothy Simms is playing. It had been assumed that she would handle the ‘science’ as she could at least spell the word. Instead she seems to have been relegated to the role of babysitting Casey Anthony.

From my perspective about the only ‘reasonable doubt’ raised so far in this trial is Jose Baez’s sanity!

It is time for the defense to get out of the science, they are no good at it, they need to move on to more fertile ground. Of course what that might be remains a bit of a mystery to this writer.

Jan has had her ear to the ground, and here is an ‘eye roller’ for you. Apparently the Defense are taking Vasco Thompson’s deposition this afternoon. What a waste of tax payers money!

Jan also has a delightful article about Casey’s finances, you can read it here.

In a totally unrelated case, Zahra Baker, there is also some jaw dropping news. One can only assume that Jose Baez was not actually bottom of his Law School class. Read this article.  The Mug Shot is nothing short of priceless!

Simon Barrett

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