caylee.jpgIt has been a very busy week in the Casey Anthony Murder Case. 25 year old Casey Anthony is being charged for the murder of her then 2 year old daughter, Caylee Marie Anthony in June 2008. The child had been missing for 31 days before she was even reported missing and it was her grandmother, Cindy Anthony that reported it then, not the mother.

Casey was arrested after a grand jury handed down an indictment against her for first degree murder in October, 2008. She has been in jail since then, held without bond. The state is asking for the death penalty if a jury finds her guilty.

In what seems to be taking forever, it looks like some action actually heading for the trial has finally started. Casey Anthony’s parent’s George and Cindy Anthony have been still pushing their luck asking for special privileges by asking the judge to allow them to visit Casey and not have the visits that are videotaped made public.

Although no decision has been made by the court in that request, it was reported that Cindy Anthony scheduled a visit with her daughter for Saturday morning at 9 am. Casey Anthony was not told of the request of a visit by her mother until Saturday morning, but once she was, she refused the visit. Cindy was told before she went to the jailhouse that her daughter would not accept her visit but of course with Cindy Anthony being the determined woman that she is, refused to accept that and she went to the jailhouse anyway.

It would not have been an actual visit though. The Orange County jail doesn’t allow inmates and visitors to meet face-to-face. The visitor goes to a building across from the jail and they are seated in a booth with a video camera streaming live to the prisoner they are visiting with at the jail. Cindy decided since she couldn’t visit with her daughter she would just deposit some money into Casey’s commissary account. Way to go Cindy! Make sure your little girl has enough money to keep her happy even while behind bars!

Judge Perry made other decisions yesterday when he decided to allow the Anthony’s, both Cindy and George to sit in the courtroom throughout the trial even though they are both witnesses for the state, despite a motion filed by defense attorney Cheney Mason. The defense wanted to keep the Anthony’s out saying their client’s right to a fair trial could be jeopardized since her parents are also witnesses. Mason was requesting to have the courts bar the Anthony’s from the courtroom. In the motion which was signed by Mason, it was stated, “George and Cindy Anthony will likely be subject to impeachment by the testimony of other witnesses.” The motion asks that the Anthony’s be sequestered throughout the relevant portions of the trial.

The Anthony’s had their lawyer file a motion asking the Orange County Superior Court Chief Judge Belvin Perry that they be exempted from the rule of sequestration for relatives of the victim. Their attorney, Mark Lippman, said Friday that he wasn’t sure if the defense team would try to blame his clients for the death of their granddaughter, particularly George Anthony. “We have already released a statement that George had nothing to do with the untimely demise of their granddaughter,” said Lippman.

Other news in this case involves the jury location being kept a secret because Judge Perry wanted to be sure that the potential jury selection wouldn’t be tainted.  Perry wanted the media outlets to sign a confidentiality agreement before being told of the location. If they signed the agreement they would have received notice of the location on Sunday but they had to agree not to disclose that location before Monday morning. If they didn’t agree to sign the waiver they would not receive notice in advance.

An appeal by several media outlets was filed with the 5th District Court of Appeal. It was decided Friday that they would not force Judge Perry to publicly disclose the location of the jury selection, but they also decided to void the confidentiality agreements that Perry was asking for also. This means none of the media will be notified in advance as to where the selection will be held. Perry has announced that he will notify all the media of the jury selection location on Monday morning, even those that had signed the waiver already.

Friday the prosecutors filed a notice with the courts of new evidence involving a new witness, Melissa England. They say that England will testify that Casey told her that she was getting a tattoo July 3, 2008 and that she wanted the words “La Bella Vita” on her shoulder, according to the new filing. England also heard Anthony telling someone on the phone that she could not meet because of car problems. When the call was over, England heard Anthony say, “Oh my God, I’m such a good liar.”

Does this surprise anyone? Casey Anthony doesn’t know how to tell the truth. She has lied so much of her life that now she is no good at telling the truth if she tried. One would spot the truth right away if she tried telling it.

Well after all this we can finally see some progress in this case heading towards trial. Monday will be the beginning, thankfully. Maybe once it is all over little Caylee will finally receive some justice. She deserves it especially after waiting for it after all this time. It is odd how most all the reports on this case seem to fail to mention the little girl that lost her life in all of this. She is the one that deserves to be remembered. She is the victim in this, not the mother that stands accused of killing her and certainly not her grandparents.

Justice for Caylee!

Jan Barrett

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